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This is a Heads Up Post

Under the Hood Again

I’m writing this post to ask you to ignore anything that comes from NJFM over the next day or so.  Especially, keep an eye out for duplicate post notifications of old posts.  I’m back fumfering around under the blog’s hood and when I do that, things get a bit screwy. Combining Blog Accounts This blog [...]


Since I’m no longer actively blogging, I think it’s time for me to convert some of my old blogs into static HTML websites. Why convert them instead of taking them down? Well, for the most part, a lot of the information on the various blogs is still relevant and continues to be helpful to some [...]


Grammarly: My Unpaid Writing Editor


Grammarly has become the go-to app for my first round of document editing. I learned about it one day when I was perusing Heath and Alyssa’s blog. I came across their post entitled, Our Most-Used Tools for Project Management and discovered Grammarly. Heath and Alyssa are living my dream life. They’re traveling around in an [...]

WP-Json Invite

The more I fumfer around with my blogs the more I learn about things I wish I didn’t need to learn. This time I learned about WordPress’ wp-json exploit. The wp-json security hole has been around since WordPress version 4.7.0 (circa February, 2017).  Actually, I’m surprised the programmers hadn’t fixed it in the subsequent updates [...]


Surprising Income Increase by Tweaking Old Blogs

Income Increase

Warning: If you’ve been blogging continuously without taking a long hiatus, you don’t really need to read this post. You already know that responsive ads increase income. ### By tweaking my old blogs during the month of August I realized a 1.7% decrease in traffic and a 74% increase in income! Don’t be too impressed. [...]


Blogs: Cleaning, Combining and Redirecting

Filing System

Boy, it’s been forever since I’ve written here on NJFM. The site is mostly dead. I checked my stats and found that I get an average of 3 or 4 visits a day. That’s okay because except for the motivational posts, the rest of the stuff is pretty much outdated. The Internet kept evolving while [...]


Checking My Blog’s Responsiveness


Warning: Before using YouResponsive.com please read Crystal’s comment. YouResponsive.com might not be as above board as I thought they were. Thanks to YouResponsive.com I’ve made my blog responsive. According to Webster’s Dictionary, responsive means “reacting in a desired or positive way, or quick to react or respond.” Back in the day, prior to the increase [...]


Guest Posting and SEO

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, recently published a post that may help reduce my inbox spam. He advises bloggers to stop writing guest posts for SEO purposes  (key words here…SEO purposes). The practice of guest blogging has become so distorted that there are companies offering to provide “100% original” guest posts for [...]


Down the Home Stretch

It’s the end of January and I’m working hard to complete the task I set for myself this month. With a few more days of working diligently, I believe I’ll be able to cross it off my To Do list. Of course with any major task there are always stragglers to handle, but I can [...]


Scrapers, Spam and No Follow

When I turn on the computer in the morning, one of the first things I do is review yesterday’s stats. Sometimes I’ll check to see where the views are coming from. When I find something unusual, I track it back to learn more. This morning I saw an unusual referrer. Not wanting to give attention [...]