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This is a Heads Up Post

I’m writing this post to ask you to ignore anything that comes from NJFM over the next day or so.  Especially, keep an eye out for duplicate post notifications of old posts.  I’m back fumfering around under the blog’s hood and when I do that, things get a bit screwy.Under the Hood Again

Combining Blog Accounts

This blog and 3 or 4 of my other blogs are hosted by SiteGround under one hosting account. I love SiteGround but got a little SiteGround happy a couple of years ago. Actually, I didn’t get happy, the scrapers got happy. They were scraping my site causing me to run into “exceeding my usage” issues. Back then I couldn’t figure out how I could have used so much bandwidth. So, when I created two new sites, I chose to open a second hosting account with SiteGround. The second account offers more space so I wouldn’t run into the bandwidth problems.

A lot has changed since opening the second SiteGround account.  Now, I barely blog and my accounts aren’t very busy at all. It’s actually a waste of space and money having two accounts. So, as you probably guessed, I’m spending time transferring the blogs from the smaller hosting account over to the more spacious SiteGround account.

Back to the Funny Business

As I transfer accounts and export/import old posts, WordPress might send notifications of posts that you really shouldn’t be notified of. I just wanted to give you a heads up. And yes, as mentioned in my last post, I’m still hand coding a couple of sites. But, because of this little detour, hand-coding has been pushed to the back seat for a bit.

Looking through my old blogs, I wish I still had the same passion for blogging as I had in the past. Those were the good ol’ days. However, things change and there are plenty of unchartered territories to discover and new passions to get excited about. Life goes on…

Great Day!

Something Totally Unrelated!

Just have to share a photo I took this morning while on my morning walk.  The goose is actually standing on one leg on a rock in the lake.  It stood there daring me to take a photo, so I obliged.  Pretty cool, huh.

Goose in Lake
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