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Temporarily Deactivating CommentLuv

The amount of spam this blog has been getting is truly outrageous! It is my belief that the CommentLuv plugin is a magnet for spammers. They want backlinks and CommentLuv provides such links.

I’m running an experiment for a bit. I have deactivated CommentLuv and am monitoring my spam count. If I find there’s a direct relationship between spam and CommentLuv (I’ll share my results in a week or two), I may have to disable CommentLuv permanently.

Spammers are like telemarketers and they are unwelcome here.No Spam

CommentLuv and Broken Links

While on the subject of links and plugins I’ve noticed quite a few blogs have bitten the dust. I use a plugin called Broken Link Checker. It does a nice job of notifying me when site links break (I’m still re-working a lot of the Suite 101 broken links).

In addition to being notified of broken links in my posts, I get notified of broken links in post comments. The links in the comments are there as a result of using CommentLuv.

Over the past few months, I’ve received an ever-increasing amount of broken link notifications resulting from bloggers who have abandoned their blogs. Some of the bloggers were new and enthusiastic. They read the advice in Blogging 101 and set out to make as many comments as possible on CommentLuv-enabled blogs in an attempt to create backlinks to their new sites. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as the comments are pertinent and meaningful.

Blogging wasn’t so Easy

It is my suspicion that they found blogging harder than they thought it would be. Setting up a new blog and making comments on CommetLuv-enabled blogs does not bring in traffic by the droves. It may get some visitors, but it takes a lot more work than a few well-placed comments. Over time, new bloggers lose interest and abandon the blogs. When they do, I get notifications of all the well-placed comments left on NJFM.

It’s a shame because some of the broken link notifications were from bloggers who would have been successful if they kept at it.


While on the topic of broken links and drumming up traffic, it brings me to an old blog post I wrote back in 2008 about social networking sites. In the post, I list and link to 365 social networking sites. Why in the world did I ever do that? Every week I get notifications of yet another social networking site going belly up. The post is so old that it doesn’t even mention Facebook.


My intention was to notify the community that CommentLuv will be temporarily disabled. The rest of the post is an early morning pre-coffee ramble and should probably be disregarded. 😉

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  • Crystal January 6, 2014, 10:13 am

    Disregarded? Heck no! In fact, you hit the nail on the head. A couple months back I almost pulled the plug myself. Glad I didn’t because now I can’t even remember why – just some frustration with blogger that should push me to migrate my content over to where I have total control. But alas – that storm is over and it’s such a big job (and one I don’t even know how to begin) that I’ve put it on the back burner yet again.

    Bummer about CommentLuv – and just when my hubby’s book is finally published and I could use the traffic over at The Best 50 Years. Whenever I actually look at my stats, I’ve noticed that much of my traffic there comes from NJFM so I know it’s people reading posts I’ve commented on (and then the comments, of course). I’ve also found many worthwhile and enjoyable blogs through CommentLuv-generated links here. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that CommentLuv isn’t the cause of the spam problem.

    • Felicia January 6, 2014, 10:21 am

      Crystal, I just read our comment and re-activated CommentLuv. I’ll figure out another way to deal with the spammers.

      As far as moving your blog from Blogger, I think I have a post somewhere on that topic. It’s really not as bad as it sounds. I’ve done it with a couple of my blogs many moons ago. You’ll need to focus on what you’re doing, but you’ll realize it isn’t so bad.

  • Crystal January 6, 2014, 11:02 am

    Wow, Felicia – thanks for reactivating CommentLuv! And thanks for the encouragement. I remember you writing about migrating your blogs, which is when I first realized it was possible. My main hesitation is that blogger is easy for me most of the time and my WordPress blog is considerably less so. And then there are the sites I’ve built with Expression Web… I just need to figure out one thing to use so I can quit being so scattered!

    • Felicia January 6, 2014, 11:27 am

      Crystal, you’re preaching to the choir here.

      I remember when I first started online, I hand coded my sites. Then I learned about Blogger and then TypePad and then Drupal and then WordPress and I’m sure there are a few other platforms I learned about and used. At one time I had sites on a variety of platforms, which totally drove me crazy!

      I eventually realized that I needed to use one platform, learn it moderately well and stick with it. As such, I’m staying with WordPress, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Along with WordPress comes themes. No two themes are alike, so I ended up having several blogs using different themes. That was just as bad as having several platforms.

      Now that I’m back writing again, I’m consolidating as many blogs as possible and all of the blogs will eventually use the same theme. My goal is to simplify things. I do not intend to get a Ph.D. in WordPress or blog themes. Instead I expect the platform (WordPress) and theme (Thesis) to be tools that make my life easier instead of complicating things.

      I’m suffering through the learning curve, but once that’s done, my online writing life should be much easier. Then I’ll be able to concentrate strictly on writing and improving my craft.

      So you see, you and I have traveled similar roads (and I’m sure there are others of us out there undergoing the same challenges).

  • Loretta Parker-Brown January 7, 2014, 9:18 am

    Good Morning, Felicia. I, for one, enjoy your “pre-coffee rambles”.

    Spammers, I am aware of, but I don’t know anything about CommentLuv. I am not nearly as informed as you and some of your blogger followers are. With the exception of the blog that I write for a cooperative apartment complex, my other blog — Potpourri101 — is more or less an online journal that allows me to either vent on subjects that I am passionate about or just do some public introspection.

    As usual, you are on point about blogging not being easy. Some people don’t realize that blogging requires commitment (especially if you want to attract and keep readers). As I’ve said many times, writing is my passion. Four years ago, when I began writing my blogs I was like a child on Christmas day opening a long-awaited gift. But I soon found that placing regular posts on a blog site is like working a full time (and in my case, often unpaid) job, nevertheless it is fulfilling and does not require jumping through hoops as one often does when trying to get something published in the print media.

    • Felicia January 8, 2014, 9:38 am

      Agreed, it is fulfilling, but not always lucrative.

  • Ignatius January 9, 2014, 1:35 am

    You might consider just blocking new comments on older posts. It’s real easy to set that up in WordPress and you probably don’t get enough legitimate comments on those to make it worth wading through the spam.

    And, I enjoy your “rambles,” too. 🙂

    • Felicia January 9, 2014, 9:12 am

      I thought of that and do block new comments on older posts for other blogs, but NJFM is different. Sometimes informative conversations are sparked from older posts. I guess I’ll just have to get into the habit of daily deleting spam comments. Unfortunately I have to look through the comments because every so often valid comments are sent to the spam folder.

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