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NJFM’s Blogging for Beginners

NJFM's Make Money Blogging

This is old news to folks who subscribe to the newsletter, but for those who don’t I’d like to share the release of my new ebook with you.

The name of the book is Make Money Blogging.   Since most of you are already blogging and have passed the beginning stage, you guys aren’t my target audience.  Well, you are, sort of.

You see, the book not only has the beginning basic stuff, but I also include blogging tips, advice and much of the blogging philosophy that I’ve developed over the years.

New Bloggers Every Day

I wrote this book because new bloggers are born every day. Going back to my August post where I quote statistics from Pingdom.com, only 13% of people online have blogs.   That’s a small percentage especially when you consider that only 1/3 of the world’s population is currently online.Brand New Blogger - image by Patricia Dekker

Think about it.  There are new people being introduced to the Internet daily and of those new people, a small fraction of them will become bloggers.  This means there is a growing market of newbie bloggers who are thirsty for quality, easy to understand information on what blogging is and how to become a blogger.

What’s in the Book?

In the book I not only explain what blogging is and types of blogs, I also discuss the age-old question of whether or not to use a free or paid for blogging platform.  I give tips on blogging frequency, word count, SEO and blog monetization.   These are things every blogger should know.

Of course, I couldn’t write a book on blogging without providing the much-needed motivation to keep blogging.  We all have faced that blogging brick wall at one time or another and wondered, “Why am I doing this?”

Make Money Blogging gives a plain, simple, no-nonsense approach to becoming a successful blogger.
E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

NJFM Affiliate Program

The book is priced at $9.98.  I chose an even amount because I’m offering a 50/50 commission split to NJFM affiliates.  The book is currently available for sale on e-Junkie.  You have the option of purchasing the book as a non-affiliate for the full price, or as an affiliate and earn $4.99 on your purchase.

Affiliates are paid once a month about 2 weeks after the month closes. Although you’ll shell out the full $9.98 as an affiliate, you’ll see $4.99 of it back when commissions are issued.

To become an affiliate, use the NJFM e-Junkie link.  If you already have an e-Junkie account, just look for the book in the marketplace.  If you don’t have an account, create one, become an NJFM affiliate and begin sharing the book. The 50/50 commission split is my way of thanking you for not only reading the book, but for sharing it with other newbie bloggers (and there are tons of them).

All I know is that when I first started, I wish I had such a book to save me the bumps and bruises I received while learning my way around.

Book # 1 Still FreeNJFM Freelance Writing Book

My first book  So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer  is still available for free, but I’m monitoring it using e-Junkie. I’ve also uploaded the “free” book to Amazon in the Kindle format but unfortunately; Amazon wouldn’t let me share it for free. So, if you want the Kindle edition of So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer, you’ll have to fork over $.99.

I’m converting the NJFM’s Blogging for Beginners book into a Kindle compatible format for upload to Amazon, and a Nook compatible format for Barnes & Noble, iPods, iPads and Apple.

BTW, If you haven’t signed up for the NJFM newsletter, you should.  I intend to utilize the newsletter a bit more than I have in the past.

Update: 11/16/2011:  I’ve changed the cover and title of the book.

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  • Deanna November 11, 2011, 6:37 pm

    Congrats on the book! With all your success as a blogger, it is a natural for you. I hope it does well – you are getting one step closer to that RV and traveling around the country! 🙂

  • Ken Muise November 11, 2011, 10:38 pm

    Oooh, this is gonna’ be fun! PPC campaign here I come! WOOOT WOOOOOT!

  • Leo November 12, 2011, 1:08 am

    Thanks Felicia for the amazing book and also for sharing your valuable information. I believe that this book will be helpful even for experienced bloggers as there are many who have randomly started blogging and are not aware of these nitty gritty details that you have mentioned here. It may help them get more success with blogging

  • Vidya Sury, Freelance Writer & Blogger November 12, 2011, 4:15 am

    This is wonderful, Felicia! I’d recommend your book any day because you are one of the most no-nonsense, 100% value writers I know. You are very generous about the affiliate commission, too. All best with the sales! This would be the first time I am signing up as an affiliate.

    • Felicia November 12, 2011, 6:06 am

      Thanks to everyone for your support and well wishes. 🙂

  • Gip @ So Much More Life November 12, 2011, 1:55 pm

    Good luck with the new ebook! I hope you’ll share with us how well it does for you. The minimalist and simple-living bloggers I follow are almost all disappointed with how their ebooks have done, but this is something different. Getting people who don’t spend money to buy an ebook is a harder sell than getting writers to buy one, I would think.


    • Felicia November 12, 2011, 2:51 pm

      Well, Gip. I guess it’s all a matter of how you look at it.

      Although I would like to sell my book because I believe the reader would benefit from the contents therein, I’m not spending too much time “getting” people to buy it. My hubby, who can sell a cup of sand to a thirsty man, says it’s all about sharing. So, I’m sharing my book to those who wish to read it.

      I put my best foot forward in writing the book. I enjoyed every minute of it from coming up with the idea, creating an outline, dictating it, editing and formatting it. It’s a learning experience for me. It’s the second of many more ebooks to come. I’ve got 5 more in outline form already and am debating with myself over which one to finish first.

      How is it doing? Well let’s say that it’s already profitable. I’m thrilled to be able to share with my friends and family the fact that I had a dream and brought it to fruition.

      I fully understand that there is an 80/20 rule in life. I want to publish enough books to see whether this book is an 80 or a 20. So, as far as experiments go, I think this one is a success (unlike my venture with creating NJFM coffee mugs, T-shirts and the like). 🙂

  • Joni November 13, 2011, 5:43 pm

    I know what I’m getting for Christmas!!
    Joni 🙂

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