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There are a few things I do with the Income/Article Spreadsheet that might help to make your day easier.  For you folks who are spreadsheet junkies, you can skip this post because I’m not going to talk about anything new or earth shattering, just something that I do to make my life easier.

Column Headings

Column HeadingsAfter listing the residual or up front resource name in the column heading, I hyper link the title to the site’s earnings page.  Of course, if you’re not logged into the site when you click on the link it will bring you to the main page, but when you’re updating your numbers, it’s a lot easier to click the column heading and force the software to bring up the webpage than leaving Excel, opening your browser and navigating to the website (that was a record-breaking long sentence).

Here’s how to do it:

In your Excel spreadsheet, navigate to the cell of the column heading that will be hyperlinked.  In this example, I’m linking to my eHow revenue page, so I click in the eHow column heading cell and then click on the hyperlink icon.

Header links

If the hyperlink icon isn’t part of your menu options, navigate to hyperlinks by clicking “Hyperlink” under the “Insert” menu.  The shortcut is “Ctrl-K”

Once you click on the hyperlink icon (or navigate or shortcut to it), the “Insert Hyperlink” window opens.

Insert Hyperlink

In the “Linked to:” column, make sure “Existing File or Web Page” is selected.

Next, insert the URL in the “Address” box at the bottom of the window (here I inserted the URL to my eHow account) and click “OK.”

Default font

You’ll notice the header will change to the default hyperlink font, color and formatting.  You can leave the formatting as is or you can change it to any color or style you wish.

Formatted header

Using the same “Insert Hyperlink” window you can link to any page within the spreadsheet (or other spreadsheet for that matter).

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  1. Joynicole says:

    I’ve been coming here and reading your posts and tips for quite some time now, and have really enjoyed learning from you. The spreadsheet has made my tracking so much easier, and is a powerful tool for evaluating what resources are working and which are not.

    I have only been writing online for a short time, as print media was my bread-and-butter for many years. I am really enjoying the transition. Thank you for all your help, it has made a tremendous difference

    • Felicia says:

      Welcome, Joynicole. I’m glad the spreadsheet helps. I only wished I started tracking my articles/site a bit earlier. I might have made better decisions earlier. Oh well, better late than never. 🙂

  2. Prerna says:

    Thanks for the tip, Felicia.. makes life simpler.. Also, thanks to your recommendation about Open Office, downloaded it last night and have spent quite a bit of time playing with it. It is so cool.. Thanks!

  3. Ira says:

    This works if you are using OpenOffice.org Calc program as well, for those of you out there that are looking for a free, open-source option to Excel. Works great 😉

  4. Deanna says:

    Another great tip – thanks. And again, thanks for sharing your spreadsheet. I downloaded it and am now using it. I really like all the features! 🙂

  5. Crystal says:

    Nice tip, Felicia – thanks! I find myself typing in web addresses all the time when I know I should automate the process. This will sure help:)

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