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Sign Up for Your Own RSS Feed

RSS EmailI recently learned a very valuable lesson: sign up for your own RSS feed.

Let me put the cart before the horse for a minute.  Before you sign up for your own RSS feed, make sure your RSS feed is available via e-mail.  I know it’s old school and a lot of people prefer feed readers, but you are ignoring a segment of you reading population if you don’t make your RSS feed available by e-mail.  Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer to have latest posts delivered to my inbox instead of having to leave the comfort of my cyber home to search for a feed reader to read the latest from my favorite blogs.  I’m just lazy that way.

Fix Posting Problems

Over the past few months I went on a blog creation frenzy. I spent quite a bit of time uploading and tweaking themes, activating plugins and creating content for the new blogs.  With new blogs, I schedule posts to release over a period of a few days/weeks.

Because I had created so many blogs at one time, I sort of lost track of which posts where scheduled when.  Imagine my surprise when I loggeFeedburnerd into one of my blogs to see a red error message next to my scheduled post saying “missed schedule” or some similar text.

Not wanting to spend too much time figuring out why it didn’t post, I downloaded a plugin called WP Missed Schedule.  It’s a plugin that fixed the missed post problem.  Then I got to thinking.  If I had subscribed to my own blog’s feed, I would have realized that my uploaded posts never published.

Delayed Error Check

Another good reason for signing up for your own RSS feed is that you get to perform the final edit on your post (granted the edit happens post Final Editpublication, but better late than never).  Sometimes when you’re compiling a post for your blog, you’re so involved in creating the post that you read what you want to see; you don’t always read what you actually wrote.

Sometimes what you wrote is what you read and other times what you read is not what you wrote.  The time between uploading your post, getting a full nights sleep and receiving your RSS feed by e-mail in the morning is the right amount of time needed to clear your mind and your eyes to read exactly what you wrote and make the appropriate changes.

BTW, you can only read your full post via email if you enable “full text” in your RSS feed.

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  • Christina Crowe December 28, 2010, 9:57 am

    Hey Felicia,

    This happens to me a lot! Well, reading what I think I wrote but didn’t actually write. Most times I write long into the night, so I know many times it’s probably caused by a lack of sleep.

    Great lesson and something I know many of us can benefit from.


  • Crystal December 28, 2010, 11:40 am

    I do subscribe to my one blog by email but not to the other. Why? I don’t know. I’m off to change that now. Thanks for the reminder:)

  • Ira December 29, 2010, 3:41 am

    Good idea, Felicia.

    You also reminded me that I wanted to set up RSS feeds on my own blogs to begin with haha 🙂

    Off to work I go!

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