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| November 17, 2009 | 15 Comments

I have to give a shout out to Grandma. Grandma is one of the frequent readers and contributors to this blog. She’s especially knowledgeable about the goings on over at Textbroker.

In the midst of her freelance writing Grandma discovered a need that was not being met by the existing ‘articles for sale’ type of websites. She wanted to find a way to sell her own work without having to give a portion of the income to the site owner. She also wanted a place to showcase her talents (without them being plagiarized) and reap the financial benefit from her hard work.[smartads]

Rather than griping and complaining about the fact that there wasn’t a website that met her needs, she decided to create one. It’s obvious that Grandma doesn’t subscribe to the “woe is me” victim mentality. She found a need, thought of a solution and implemented it. Good for you Grandma!

I’m sure she expects some bumps and bruises along the way, but I salute you Grandma and think you deserve this shout out.

So, if you’re a web content publisher and are looking to purchase quality articles from an innovative and experienced writer, check out Text Article Sale to see what Grandma (aka Linda) can do for you.

Way to go Grandma!

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Felicia A. Williams is a freelance writer and blogger. She spends the majority of her time with her family and writing. If she's not writing or commenting on NJFM, she's either outside smelling the roses or writing articles for one of her other sites.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Oh I am fine. I almost parked next to the getaway truck but then drove across a lane to park up next to the grocery store. When I got out of the car a girl came running out of the store at break neck speed up to that new bright red extended cab pick up truck, with two store employees right on her tail. She hollered “let me in, let me in” and dove into the truck. She or someone else peeled out of the parking spot. The store employees memorized the license plate.

    This was at noon on a nice sunny day outside. My previous experience was in a small video store in a small town about 15 years ago. I was returning a video camera I had rented. When I walked into the store I knew immediately something was wrong by the silence and the clerk”s red face. Too late to get out. I asked her what was wrong and she yells out “these two men are stealing a video camera.” There were two tall men with long overcoats on (out of season) and they were at either end of the store. When she yelled I thought surely I was a goner. But I nodded and whispered to her to call 911. She asked if she should and I nodded and said a louder “yes.” The men laughed and left the store. They did steal an expensive camera. Turns out they had hit up 6 other video rental stores that day within 50 miles.

    It is a strange feeling to walk in on robberies. This is not exactly my article content but close, same story.

  2. Grandma says:

    Fodder for articles is everywhere in life. I just did a new stock article today called Walking In On Robberies based on true thing that happened today when I went to the grocery store. So many topics, so little time to capture it all!

  3. Wendy says:

    Hey Felicia and Grandma

    Thank you, Felicia, for doing a shout out to Grandma…and Grandma, good job! I read one of the posts you posted about the idea…and it doesn’t seem that long ago. Fast and Good work!

    Felicia, you are creating a great space for all of us…thanks so much!

    .-= Wendy´s last blog ..Nov 12, Essential Oil Blends =-.

  4. Crystal says:

    Nice site, Grandma. Congratulations and best of luck with your new endeavor!
    .-= Crystal´s last blog ..Mola Quilt – Top Complete! =-.

  5. prerna says:

    Wow Grandma!! That is so inspiring.. Heading over to check it out now.. And you’re right abt NJFM being like a coffee break.. I don’t think a day passes without me stopping by here to gain motivation or some learning or simply to read:-)
    Blessings Felicia for creating something so wonderful and inspiring more wonders to happen!!
    .-= prerna´s last blog ..Great Holiday and Personalized Gift Deals from Things Remembered =-.

  6. Elvenrunelord says:

    Excellent website Grandma and congrats on breaking out on your own.

    Stock article sales are the future for some businesses.

    However that chocolate ad was just unfair…..its sooooooo clickable 😀

    I can taste it now!
    .-= Elvenrunelord´s last blog ..What Day Is Vampire Diaries On =-.

  7. Eve says:

    I am seriously impressed, Grandma! WONDERFUL!!!

  8. Kidgas says:

    Congratulations, Grandma. The site looks nice. I would love someday to be in a position to purchase content, but right now I am just doing what I can afford which is DIY writing.

    Best of luck to you in this new endeavor.
    .-= Kidgas´s last blog ..Online Income Mid-November Review =-.

  9. Reena says:

    Congratulations Grandma and a big thanks to Felicia for the shout out! The website looks professional and great!

    Posts like these inspire me to keep chugging along. My first year into freelancing has been a year of learning, ups and downs…
    .-= Reena´s last blog ..Thank you Associated Content =-.

  10. Grandma says:

    Ignatius – great suggestions, and thank you! I will get those into the website and add them in the meta tags.

  11. Grandma says:

    Thanks so very much, Felicia. Putting up a website and having it work to make money are two different animals. Yours is obviously successful in gaining traffic because it always shows up high in the searches. You are providing valuable information to writers.

    NJFM like a coffee break chat room in a way and a place away from the websites like DS and TB where writers can gripe and get ideas without seeming ungrateful for the websites that do provide them income opportunity.

    I have had a couple webesites in the past but the only money I made was from an affiliate ad that sold Paintball equipment. But this new website is very different. I will not stuff it full of ads because that is not what I am selling. I just could not resist the one I did put in for chocolate.

    I have some ideas for promotion for this one and will try to reach editors and ad agencies rather than the general public. So I will let you know what happens if and when it does! Thanks again!

  12. Ignatius says:

    This is a well-deserved shout-out. Grandma has been very generous in offering advice to folks who are new to the web content writing field. I’m sure she would do a great job for anyone who hires her. I am in awe of her work ethic and production. Her web site looks very nice.

    Grandma, just a quick suggestion–I ran your topic through the keyword-o-rama and it looks like “web copywriter,” “copywriting service,” “professional copywriting,” “seo copywriting services” and “website copywriter” might be good keywords for your site. Felicia just gave you a great link, but some good keywords might be an asset for the search engines to help potential clients find you. Those seem to be the terms they are searching for.

  13. Deborah says:

    Congratulations, Grandma! She seems like a very creative and tough person. Way to go. Having your own website opens up a lot of doors. I’m loving my blog right now.
    .-= Deborah´s last blog ..The Design is Finished! =-.

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