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What the Heck Happened to My RSS Feed?

Sometimes I have to venture into uncharted territory. I usually hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This time I had to enter the uncharted territory of RSS feeds.

I don’t know much about RSS feeds and didn’t really want to know much about them. All I know is that I’ve got one and some folks come to No Job for Mom as a result of it.

The problem with my RSS feed is that it does not display dates (or didn’t display dates). That minor little omission was working my last nerve. Unfortunately, the only way for me to figure out how to get the blog post dates to display was to play around with the feed.

Problem Solved – Or So I Thought

I learned a little more about feeds than I wanted to. Apparently WordPress blogs have several feed locations. There’s the atom feed, the RSS feed, RSS 2 and RDF. I don’t know what they all mean and I don’t really care. Bottom line, I was using the atom feed. Apparently atom didn’t want to display the dates, so it didn’t.

On top of having several feeds, I have my feeds re-directed through FeedBurner. I did that because FeedBurner offers more flexibility than the plain old ordinary feed. Unfortunately, I have yet to spend the time configuring the feed to take advantage of FeedBurner’s flexibility.

Anyway, getting back to the RSS problem, atom’s refusal to display dates forced me to switch to a different type of feed format. I ended up switching from atom to RSS2. This worked just fine because the RSS2 feed displayed post dates. There, my problem was solved and I was happy.

Checked My EmailRSS Feed

Imagine my surprise when I looked in my inbox this morning and found my latest NJFM feed. It listed the full text of my last 10 posts. That’s not what I wanted. All I wanted was to display the dates and a summary of the post (GRRR).

I’m a writer, not a techno geek. I’ve got other blogs with RSS feeds that display the date and a summary of my blog posts. For some reason, I can’t get the feed to do what I want here at NJFM.

If anyone has a solution, I’m all ears. In the meanwhile, please bear with me while I try to figure it out (GRRR).

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