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Put Your Letter Writing Know How to Work

In my daily internet wanderings yesterday I came across LetterRep.com . It’s amazing what a person can do when they act on an idea.

LetterRep writes letters for folks who need letters. You really can’t get more basic than that. How many times have you written letters for friends or colleagues who seem to have a difficult time composing a letter? Although letter writing comes natural to some, to others it’s a laborious process.

No matter what the subject matter, LetterRep’s team of writers will compose the right letter to meet the requestor’s needs. This is a nice writing opportunity for freelance writers who are able to bang out quality letters in their sleep.

How Does the Payment Work?

The freelance writer gets paid in three ways:
(Taken from the LetterRep website )

* Earn $10.00US each time a new visitor joins for one of your existing letters,
* Earn $10.00US each time a registered member buys one of your existing letters,
* Earn $10.00US each time you write a custom letter and a requestor purchases it

After spending more years than I care to admit writing letters in the business world, I figured this would be a sure way to earn a couple of extra Write a Letterdollars (my downstairs freezer is showing signs of giving up the ghost, so the extra money could go into my “I need a new freezer” fund).

Sign Up Process

I clicked on the Get Paid for Writing Letters link  and was a bit disappointed when I saw that the Writer Registration had been disabled…bummer.

Not being one to give up, I contacted them and asked if they were accepting new writers. I was pleased to quickly receive the following response:

Hello Felicia,

Thank you for contacting LetterRep.com.

We recently made updates to the LetterRep.com writer’s side. We are working out the bugs. Please check back with us soon. We hope to have registration open within the next several days.


On the To Do List:

I’ll keep LetterRep on my “To Do” list and I’ll check back periodically to see if the writer registration form is up and running.

Two requests of my readers:

  1. If anyone has ever written for them, please share your experience.
  2. If you happen to check back with LetterRep before I do and find that the writer registration form is up and running, please let us know.

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  • thecrunchmaster July 7, 2009, 4:17 am

    I went and visited their site but I seem to be lost. How can one apply and be able to write for them? 🙂 Thanks!

  • Felicia July 7, 2009, 8:03 am

    Crunchmaster, apparently they haven’t finished working out the bugs with their new writer registration. You’ll have to check back later.

    Or, better yet, why not sent them an email to see when and how you can sign up as a new writer.

  • Angela February 2, 2011, 8:34 pm

    Your article was the only item I found when I looked up more info on LetterRep. Writers’ registration is still disabled, but I’ve asked them when they’ll reopen, so we’ll see. Nothing like trying out for a letter-writing site than by writing a letter, right? 😀

    • Felicia February 3, 2011, 6:19 am

      Thanks for the update, Angela. Please let us know if you hear anything from them.

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