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The Other Side of the Writing Coin

I decided that I wanted to start adding content to one of my websites (I’d really like to revamp the entire site but just don’t have the time). The site consists mainly of databases and is doing poorly when it comes to generating revenue because there are so few articles on the site. My goal is to write 1 article per month for the site, but month after month I fail to reach my modest goal.

Enter Pay for Article Sites

I toyed with the idea of using Textbroker or other article writing site to generate content. After all, the articles that I’m looking for aren’t difficult or time consuming. I provide the links and detailed instructions on how I’d like the article written. I’m not looking for the next great novel; I’m pretty much looking for an entertaining narrative describing a local attraction.

After signing up as a Client for Textbroker, I came across a site called Articlez. I opted to use them instead because their instructions were more thorough and I liked their user interface better. Their operation seemed a bit more professional.

I funded my account with $25 and went shopping. For $24 I commissioned 4 articles at $6 each. For the money I received 4 350-word articles. As a freelance writer, I reviewed each article and rewrote sections of each. Although the articles were acceptable, I preferred a different slant.

What Articlez Has to OfferArticlez

Articlez offers several formats There are blurbs for 2 credits (a credit is equal to $1) which are 100 words long and involves no research and is written from personal perspective, a minipost which costs 4 credits and consists of 200 words and takes about 5 minutes of research. Lastly, there’s the full article that costs 6 credits and consists of 350 words and requires about 10 to 15 minutes of research.

Clients can also commission custom projects that don’t fall within the above criteria. All the client needs to do is let Articlez know what is needed and they will quote the project and do the work.

Tell Tale Sign of a Newbie Writer

I’m not so sure it’s a pet peeve or just an observation, but I find many newbie writers like to prove themselves as writers by going overboard. The superfluous wording and descriptive overkill is a tell tale sign. While I believe English is the primary language for each of the authors, three of the articles came across as being written by newbies.

This is not a complaint, just an observation. I didn’t expect very much for $6 an article and I got what I paid for. The good thing about it is that each author did the primary work for me. I then took their article, reshaped it, reworded it to my own liking, formatted it and placed it on my site. Could I have written the article from scratch myself? Absolutely! Did I take the time to do it? No!

Freelance Writing Investment

Was the $24 worth it? Only time will tell. So far I’ve only edited, formatted and placed two of the articles on my site (time only allows me to work on one article a week). I’m tracking their progress to see how long it will take to recoup my $24. So far I’ve recouped .34.

I was pretty impressed with the Articlez user interface so I submitted a ticket to find out how one becomes a writer for them. Their email states that their team consists of 150 American writers who have met Articlez’ quality guidelines. The rates of $2, $4 and $6 an article is great for the client but is low for the freelance writer. I believe the writers make more on the special projects.

I’ll post an update when I hear back from them.

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  • Jessie Heekin June 17, 2009, 4:06 pm

    I signed up for Textbroker as a client some time ago, just to see what I would get.
    I got a level 5 writer’s response to one list article, and it was exactly what I wanted.
    I got a level 2 writer on the article (both were open to 2 to shoot for the bottom of the barrel just to see) and it was okay…but it was definitely not a writer. Maybe a newbie like you said.
    I never used these articles in their original format. I used to research and built my own articles out of them.
    I was curious. It gave me an interesting idea for when I hire an assistant.
    I don’t really want a pre-written draft, but I would like some preliminary notes. It is helpful. I find that I get too distracted when I start researching something.
    Let me first indicate, however, that these articles were for personal projects. I feel that, as writers, we shouldn’t straight out outsource work. That is, unless the client has an understanding that they are getting a team effort: either as collaborators or as several writers doing individual parts of a project.
    Just my hastily typed two cents!
    Have a good day,

  • Diana - Living in DC September 29, 2010, 5:58 pm

    I have never hired a writer before, but the time has finally come. I have a small website (with a lot of potential), but I haven’t been able to develop it due to the lack of time. Also, I’m busy working on my favorite site. I think I’m going to try TextBroker first.

    Thanks for the post! The information was very helpful 🙂

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