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Complying with Google Privacy Policy Requirements

Whether you love or hate Google, they’re a necessary resource for anyone looking to make a couple of bucks off of their website or blog.  So, when Google says you must update your privacy policy prior to April 8, 2009, you must update your privacy policy.

It’s not a big deal, I don’t think.  There are some things on the internet that I understand pretty well, and other things I do because I have to and it works.  This privacy policy is something I’m doing because I have to.

Privacy Policy Creator

The only cumbersome part about creating a privacy policy is creating it over and over again for several blogs and websites.  However, Serp Rank has a Privacy Policy Generator for Google AdSense publishers that is very easy to use.  I used them when I created my first Privacy Policy and have gone back to them for help with the newly required Google update.

If you haven’t already updated your Privacy Policy, check them out.  They make the process painless.

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