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Just a Google Thought

I look at the state of the economy and try to grasp how we got here.  It’s blamed on too much spending, not enough saving, bottoming out of the real estate market, etc., etc., etc.

I then look at my online writing income and wonder if there is a possibility of a virtual melt down just like the one that occurred in the brick and mortar world.

Writing Income

Thinking about the current economic state caused me to analyze where the bulk of my residual income came from.  No matter which way I slice the pie, most of my residual income comes from Google AdSense.  Not only the ads that I’ve placed on my various websites and blogs, but the sites I write for.

Most content writing sites like eHow, Suite 101, Associated Content and others use ads to earn income.  While I’m not privy to the information on how much they earn from each ad generating source, I’d wager to bet that Google AdSense makes up a large chunk of their ad revenue.

What Happens If…

Just imagine that Google AdSense shuts down as a result of some major virus or worm or Google whim.  What would you do if Google decided to discontinue the AdSense program?  How would your earnings be affected?

Diversify the Diversification

I’ve mentioned diversification before, but more than writing for more than one online content site, Making Moneydiversification includes affiliate marketing, promoting a tangible product, writing and selling your own ebook, or any other type of legal way to earn money online.

As I look at my own portfolio, 83% of my online residual income is tied to Google in one way or another.  I do earn non residual writing income that’s not related to Google or online content, but that takes constant daily work.  I much prefer residual income.

After doing a quick analysis, I realize that I need to concentrate my efforts quite a bit more on the non AdSense related residual income.  I don’t want to be left with a gaping financial hole in the event anything like the mortgage situation in the real world happens to Google in the virtual world.

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  • Sher March 30, 2009, 11:20 am

    Hi Felicia,
    Great post and great advice and reminder for all of us!! I’d not really thought about that before reading your post. Now, I’ll sit down and give this some good hard thinking!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

    Shers last blog post..Paris on the Seine

  • Julie M March 30, 2009, 4:48 pm

    Google is everywhere!! Diversification works well for me, but I really hope Google AdSense does not shut down! 🙂

    You may want to look at my latest post! 🙂


    Julie Ms last blog post..Influential People You Have Met on the Internet

  • Gloria March 30, 2009, 4:48 pm

    Yes, it is definitely important to diversify, but I wouldn’t predict doom and gloom if Google were to have a hiccup. It’s important to understand that Google makes the majority of its income off of advertisers and PPC campaigns, so they must to keep their business model strong.

    If they didn’t have advertising revenue, they would not last as a company, as they have few other revenue sources. And, of course, there’s always Yahoo’s Advertising network, InfoLinks, and other advertising companies that will be more than willing to take the place if something were to ever happen to Google.

    Glorias last blog post..Spring Time Means Garden Time

  • Felicia March 30, 2009, 5:12 pm

    Hi Gloria,

    I see you’re new here.

    Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a prediction of “gloom and doom.” Gloom and doom isn’t quite my personality type. I’ve been around the internet way too long to jump on the gloom and doom bandwagon.

    Just sharing a thought and encouraging readers to diversify.

  • Gloria March 30, 2009, 7:52 pm

    Hi Felicia – I meant no offense, I apologize if my comment came across that way. Yes, I am new here, I just happened across your blog last week and have enjoyed reading your posts very much.

  • Felicia March 31, 2009, 9:36 am

    No harm done.

    Welcome to No Job for Mom!

  • Felicia March 31, 2009, 4:21 pm

    I agree with you Kaye. Google makes it very easy to make money.

    The only advertising site that I use that comes anywhere close to Google is Text Link Ads. What I like about them is that once an ad is sold, it stays sold (usually), and the monthly income is dependable every month. No daily fluctuations.

  • M. Kaye Hash March 31, 2009, 3:31 pm

    I like to pride myself on my diversification, I write for several sites, run a few of my own websites, ChaCha, as well as being a senior portrait and nature photographer. This article sure made me think all that through a little more! The majority of my monthly income (excluding the senior photography which is the only item not done online but the nature photography is online), is actually somehow through adsense and not through the sites I am involved with.

    It would help if the other advertising venues were as good as Google, which would at least allow diversification in ad companies, but they’re not. Almost everyone uses it and I have even experimented with a few others on my own sites but no other adsense type company brings in the cash like Google Adsense.

    Great article!

    M. Kaye Hashs last blog post..Organize Your Home For Free

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