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Freelance Writing/Teaching Opportunity

I was supposed to be writing an article and I started wandering around the internet. Unlike working in an office where I would wander to one of my friend’s cubicle, I sat right at my laptop and found myself wandering to the other side of the world.

Universal Class

During my daily wandering, I found a website called Universal Class. The website is looking for freelance writers who can write instructional content. They’re looking for folks who are experienced writers that feel comfortable researching and writing about a large range of topics.

The tasks don’t sound too difficult at all. If you have ever written an article that’s slightly out of your comfort zone, you are very familiar with researching and writing. Heck, my daughter just wrote a rather impressive three-page report on CoCo Channel. For her, the research and writing were laborious, but then again, she’s only in Junior High School.

The Downside

I got a little excited about the prospect of researching and writing until I looked at the pay scale. They’re offering between 4 and 6 cents per word for “high quality instructional material.” I don’t know about you, but 4 to 6 cents for well researched high quality instructional material is a bit low. After all, you’re writing course material that must be 100% accurate.


After looking a little further, I noted that they are also looking for online teachers/lecturers. They’re paying $9.50 to $20/hour for part time teachers. Part time is approximately 15 hours a week on a flexible schedule.

Courses of Study

The course titles range from Wildlife Rehabilitation for Beginners to Budgeting and Saving 101. There seem to be hundreds of courses ranging in price from $30 to about $175 (I did a quick glance at the course prices and they seem to fall within that price range).

If you can write documentation or teach courses with titles like Mail Merging with Word maybe its worth a look see.

Be forewarned, however, according to the site, Universal Class receives a large number of resumes so it may take them anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to respond.

If anyone has any experience with Universal Class, I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Gloria March 24, 2009, 3:06 pm

    I have never heard of this opportunity – I am definitely going to be looking further into this, thank you for writing about it!

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