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A Little Gmail Problem

I guess it’s time for me to either consolidate or backup my Gmail accounts. I couldn’t believe it when one of my accounts was suspended. The sad part of it is that I don’t know why it was suspended. I used that particular email address so infrequently that I can’t recall the necessary information I needed to have it reinstated.

Here’s What Happened

I have An Insurance Blog that I started about a year or so ago. I created the blog because I had written a few insurance articles and didn’t know where to put them so I figured I might as well put them on a blog. The Blogger platform was perfect because it was free.

Over time I lost interest in the blog so I just let it sit there. Then I had the bright idea of putting a few free articles on the blog to see if that would bring additional traffic (it didn’t). So, the blog sits there being updated occasionally.

Recent Sign In Problem
An Insurance Blog

I recently signed into the blog using an alternative Gmail account and updated it. I’ve got the blog set to email me whenever a new post or comment is added. The notification email came back to me stating that the email account associated with the blog had been disabled. What? Disabled, why?

Contacted Google

The next logical step was to contact Google to have the account reinstated. In order to do so I had Emailto fill out information such as when I opened the account and list a few of the email addresses that I most frequently sent mail to. Well, since I barely used the account and I only sent emails in response to insurance questions from readers, I couldn’t provide the necessary info.

As a result, Google wouldn’t reinstate the account because they couldn’t verify that I owned the email address. Go figure.

In Conclusion

Bottom line, I didn’t use the email address much so creating a new one to attach to my blogspot blog account isn’t a problem. It’s a good thing that my multiple personality disorder kicked in and I access my blog through more than one email address so the blog is still accessible to me. Imagine what would have happened if the now disabled email address was my only means of accessing my blog? I shutter to think.

I think it’s time to change my email addresses using one of my domain names. I’ll then have those emails forward to one or two free email hosts. I did that in the past, but I got a bit lazy when I started using Gmail.

Since I don’t want to run the risk in the future of having one of my more frequently used and valuable email addresses disabled at Google’s whim, it’s time for me to make the change. Google taught me another valuable lesson. Thanks Google!

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