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Traditional Jobs vs Earning Money Online

I think people are becoming more open to thinking about online opportunities. Initially, in the year of the dinosaurs, there was a common view that it was impossible to earn money on the internet. It was believed that every opportunity was either a scam or MLM. I remember (yes I am that old) when the rumors of internet scams and information stealing were so great that folks were scared to get on the information highway.

It wasn’t until I started to investigate it on my own that I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. However, the less informed just allowed their fear to get the best of them. Many are now just coming around to truly utilizing the internet to its full potential.

Online Opportunities Don’t Offer Security

Folks who are not familiar with earning money online often say to me, there’s no security in earning money online. The funny thing is that in the traditional job market the term job security has become an oxymoron. After all when Enterprise Rent-A-Car who for 51 years had not laid off any of their US employees are forced to let go of 1,000 of its workers, it makes me wonder about job security. I could insert a list here of the many businesses that have been forced to layoff employees, but instead, why not visit the Job Layoff Database and search for yourself. With companies closing shop left and right, how much job security is there really?

The Mindset of an Online Entrepreneur

Earning money online is looked at from an entirely different perspective than working at a traditional job. With healthy remnants of the “internet fear” and distrust, individuals looking to earn money online proceed with caution. We understand that not every opportunity is a winner. We know that there is a potential to be Eggs in Basketripped off so we don’t place all of our eggs in one basket.

Employees of traditional jobs, on the other hand, place the majority of their waking hours working on a job that is pretty much the sole source of generating income. They fit their lives, their homes, their families all around the employer and the job. All of the eggs are in that one employment basket.

Capitalism, Stellar Work Ethic and Perseverance

Earning money online is one of the purest forms of capitalism in my eyes. If you work hard, learn the ropes and provide a quality product or service, you will profit in the long run. Notice I say long run. Scammers who seem to buck the system eventually fail and have to start all over again on another “get rich” scheme.

In addition to the capitalistic aspect of online working, there is a work ethic that is matched by only the most successful entrepreneurs in my opinion. Anyone earning money online understands that whether or not the dog pees on the carpet or the baby pukes on your new outfit, you won’t earn money if you don’t put in the work. As an online entrepreneur, you learn to work thorough those minor inconveniences because you know that your financial future depends on it.

How many of you have co-workers who don’t show up to work because…let’s see, the car wouldn’t start, they stayed up too late last night, the toilet over flowed, etc., etc., etc.

A Couple of Traditional Job Benefits

There are some things that a traditional job offers that working online does not offer (initially). Well at least two that I can think of:Health Insurance

Insurance Benefits – In addition to earning money, most employees get their medical insurance through their jobs. They fear leaving the job and losing their insurance benefits. Unfortunately, some employees are forced to stay at unfulfilling jobs in order to keep health insurance.

This is a valid concern, however, there are alternatives. It takes a little research, but online entrepreneurs can secure health insurance outside of a full time job environment.

Unemployment Benefits: After working for a traditional job, employees have the ability to collect unemployment if they are laid off (or fired). Online entrepreneurs (if you do it right), won’t need unemployment benefits. They also don’t need to call their employer to take vacation, or lose vacation time to nurse a sick child or work the day after Christmas or Thanksgiving. Need I go on?

By the way, what’s the difference between being laid off and fired?

According to a I found on the internet, the only difference between being laid off and being fired is how the employee feels. Being laid off gives the employee the impression that there is a chance of being called back to his job. Being fired is final.

Bottom line, they both end up on the unemployment line.

It’s All About ChoicesChoices

This post is not meant to attack on traditional jobs. We need to have traditional jobs. Earning money online isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for my many years at traditional jobs, I wouldn’t be so convinced that online entrepreneurship is the way to go.

I think we’re approaching an age where the playing field is beginning to level. Folks are starting to realize that earning money online is very doable and not an exclusive right reserved for the select few. If you do have a traditional job, why not get your feet wet by trying to earn a little money online. You might find it worth your while.

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  • jobseeker February 6, 2009, 11:02 am

    One of the problems with online work is that it is often even more susceptible to outsourcing than traditional jobs. I have a couple of friends who do online medical transcriptions who are being faced with an onslaught of offshore typing and word processing service competition entering the field.

  • Felicia February 6, 2009, 11:04 am

    Outsourcing happens with any line of work. My husband’s traditional company outsourced the entire servicing end of the operation to India.

    I’ve found, however, that its easier to find replacement online work than a replacement 9-5 job.

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