Social Networking – When is Enough Enough?

| December 10, 2008 | 5 Comments

What is Social Networking?

Most of us who have been around the internet for any period of time understand the need for social networking. Social networking is an online community of folks with similar interests. The purpose of each network varies, but in the freelance writing community, the more popular social networking sites are usually used as a way of promoting articles and gaining a loyal following.

I’d like to say that social networking is a way to have meaningful interaction between community participants, but I’ve found it to be more about getting page views than communication. I’ve found more communication on things like blogs and forums (just my own experience).

The Benefits of Social Networking

If you know how to work the social networking scene it can be extremely beneficial. Since I haven’t quite figured out how to work it, I’ve had moderate success with it. I guess I get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to become successful at social networking. I’m more of a worker bee than a social butterfly.

Social The Pitfalls of Social Networking

One of the pitfalls I’ve found with social networking is that it can potentially take all of your time if you let it. There are so many social networking sites that you can conceivably spend 24 hours a day being social.

When is Enough Enough?

Below is a listing of 365 social networking sites. No, I did not compile this list, I found the list some time ago on a blog called, . I’m sure there are more social networking sites than are on this list, but you see where I’m going with this.

One can quickly become overwhelmed when it comes to social networking. I use three or four (Digg, Reddit, Mixx and an occasional Stumble) and call it a day.

I guess in a roundabout way, I’m looking for tips on how to successfully utilize social networking without spending an entire day on such sites. Anyone have any advice?Social Networking

Update: 2/2/12: I’ve removed links for those sites that are no longer valid.

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  1. Jen Brister says:

    I saw a video on another blog yesterday that reminded me you and this post. It’s about how, exactly, social networking works for you and it’s really good. It’s at

  2. Felicia says:

    Thanks for the link Jen.

    The video makes so much sense.

  3. I am shocked to not see more responses to this! It is a great idea for writers, but honestly I don’t use anything more than Twitter. I don’t know if I have time to network and read everyone else’s stuff. I just have time for Twitter!

    Jessie Ann Heekins last blog post..Twitter, freelance writing, my new business, and how it all happened in 10 steps

  4. Alyssa says:

    I completely agree with you about writers using social networking as a way of promoting their articles. Like Jen, I jump into a couple of networks and try to provide useful contributions.

    I promise you this is not a shameless plug, but I wrote an article about the “local” social network that focuses on establishing a sense of community. I felt strongly about writing this piece because I was feeling the same way as you about social networking – Is the interaction more than superficial and is anyone saying anything worth communicating to others?

  5. jen brister says:

    Hey Felicia,

    I usually use one of two social networks – Stumble and Digg. Since I enjoy surfing the next with my Stumble toolbar, I feel more like I’m contributing to the community instead of just constantly trying to promote my own articles.

    I’m not sure, but I think I signed up for Bukisa under your link. I, too, have decided to use social networking to give a hand to those in my network.

    jen bristers last blog post..My Top Earning eHow Articles

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