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All Work and No Play…

In an attempt to be taken more seriously as a freelance writer in my home, I’ve taken to sharing my email notifications of payment with my family.

Every time I get an email notification of payment, I make the “Cha-Ching” sound. They know that mom has hit pay dirt again. The interesting part about it is that recently (September 25th to be exact), I really started to pour it on as far as writing goes. I spent a little less time searching the internet for new opportunities, and more expending effort on the opportunities that I currently have.

Achieving Goals

I wrote out a rather aggressive goal of what I wanted to accomplish between September 25th and October 25th. I worked hard, reached the goals and am beginning to see the fruits of my labor pay off. The notification emails are a bit more frequent and the Cha-Ching is now spelled with two capital C’s (I can’t wait until I’ve earned the right to spell it CHA-CHING!!!).

I’ve since written out my next 30-day goals and am in the process of working on them. The one thing I didn’t’ take into consideration, however, is how much of a break I needed to take between goals to avoid burn out. In retrospect, I realize I didn’t take a break at all. All I did was modify my writing intensity from 100 mph to about 75 mph.

Everyone Deserves a Break

After my slow down, I started on my second round of goals so I returned to writing at 100 mph. About the third or fourth day of my writing frenzy, I ran out of gas. I just couldn’t write anymore. I had the topics on which to write, I outlined everything I wanted to address in my articles but I found that I had to get up after every sentence to get fresh air, clear my mind, remove the tension, etc. My usual writing flow…flew.
I guess I didn’t take enough time to stop and smell the roses. Rose

I learn from experience, so I’m taking a few days to smell the roses. Once I’ve had my fill of roses, and my writing flow returns, I’ll get back to achieving my goals.

Just curious, is it just me or have you ever had the need to take a rose break? If so, did you take the break or did you keep pressing on?

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