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Leap of Faith…Almost

I’ve been toying with a post that I wrote back in April of 2008. It was all about taking the leap of faith. The reason I didn’t upload the post is because I have yet to take the complete leap of faith. Let me see if I can explain this.

Long Ago and Far Far Away

Back in April I considered discontinuing all sources of active income (time for dollars) to concentrate all of my efforts on residual income. The way my brain processed this bone head idea was that it seemed to make sense to develop a large base of articles on which I would be paid residually as opposed to spending my time getting paid on a per article basis. Theoretically it sounded nice, but those darned reoccurring mortgage payment kept slapping me back into reality.

I took one leap of faith back in February 2007 when I quit my part-time job in favor of freelance writing. That worked out rather well for me. I now make more than I did at my old part-time job. As a matter of fact, I’m just a breath away from doubling my old part-time income through my freelance writing.

Following My Heart

My heart’s true desire is to live off of residual income. I’m willing to put in the necessary work up front to enjoy several residual checks each month. However, I can’t let my heart’s desire cause me to lose a rather necessary facial feature (my nose – I don’t want to cut it off to spite my face). You see, I’m not earning enough through my residual efforts (yet) to totally give up my active income sources.

I’m such a proponent of consistent work and patience, but I almost let my residual income desires get the best of me. Well, actually, for a brief moment I did let it get the best of me (bad idea at the time).

Obsessive Stat Checking

I found that when I gave up the active income, I became more and more obsessed with my statistics. I would write an article, post it and then check my stats. Write another article post it and check my stats, write another…. you get the picture. The stats didn’t change that much between article postings.

The lack of change caused me to become frustrated (how silly is that). The residual income that I previously considered “not too bad” suddenly became “not enough.” It’s not that the residual income changed (well it did change slightly for the better), it’s that my thought process and actions changed.

Back to Reality

Stack of Money by Patrick WormsleyI quickly realized that I was taking the leap of faith way too soon. So, to bring peace and tranquility back to my household, I decided to continue working on the residual aspect of freelance writing, while I simultaneously spend time getting paid upfront. After all, writing and getting paid up front prevents me from constantly checking my stats. It’s healthier for my peace of mind and my pocketbook (my mortgage company is happier too).

So, maybe a year or so down the line, I’ll dust off my April 2008 post and place it on this blog. In the meanwhile, I’ve got to keep writing.

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