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Don’t Forget About Offline Advertising

Prior to beginning this blog and my other online ventures, I dabbled in a bunch of different work at home businesses. One of my side businesses (which I still do now, but only for friends and family) is making greeting cards, invitations, business cards, flyers, etc. It’s not tough to do and I find it to be a creative outlet on the few occasions when I need a break from writing.

The reason I bring it up is because my card/invitation experience has proven helpful in promoting my current blogs and website. When I create invitations and greeting cards, I always plug one of my online ventures with a logo and a web address on the back (If Hallmark can do it, I can too).

When I have a batch of cards/invitations, etc. to print (usually in preparation for my Christmas orders), I use a service called PsPrint. I used to buy special paper and print it from my home printer, but after too many paper jams and wasted ink, I realized there had to be a better way (not to mention that my family got tired of me yelling at the printer).

What I like about PsPrint is that unlike other printing sites that are mainly geared for large orders, I was able to order as few as 50 cards/invites. PsPrint is great for small business printing. They saved me time, money (at $50 a pop for my printer’s ink cartridges) and frustration.

I’ve unashamedly left some of my business cards in the credit card slot at gas stations, in the salt and pepper holder at restaurants, at the local tourism bureau (with permission of courses) and other places where I felt I could spread the word.

Online marketing, social networking, article writing, blogging, posting to forums and creating newsletters are all great ways to gain traffic, but don’t forget to advertise offline too. I was reminded about offline advertising when I went to my Chiropractic appointment this morning and my Chiropractor handed me a T-Shirt with the web address of his new blog boldly printed on the front.

While handing out T-Shirts is a great marketing tool, I think I can print more cards/invitations for less money using PsPrint and reach more people.

(The images are thumbnails of cards I’ve created and sold).

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