I Must be Losing My Blogging Mind!

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In this ever tightening economy where everyone is looking for ways to make additional money while tightening the belt, would you turn down easy money?

I agree with you. As a rational and somewhat sane person, I wouldn’t either. So why did I turn down money?

Here’s the Scoop

In the past I did a review about SponsoredReviews.com. It’s a great pay for blogging website. Their offers are legit; their payment terms are better than a couple I’ve tried and their advertisers offer sound services and products.

Yesterday I received four offers from advertisers to post about their companies right here on No Job for Mom. Whew, I finally arrived. Advertisers were seeking my blog! I was so excited until I went to the advertisers websites. All of them were legit and I would love to blog about them, but just not here. Their products are not targeted for my audience.
How do I determine whether or not they’re a good fit?

Potential posts for advertisers must pass my blog test. The test is simply: “Would I blog about that particular product or service on the No Job for Mom blog even if I were not getting paid by the advertiser?” If the answer is no, then it’s not a fit.Stretching the Dollar

It pained me to go into my SponsoredReveiws account and decline offer after offer. The good thing about it is I get to explain why I declined the offer. While this blog isn’t a good fit, I do have another blog where I wouldn’t mind writing about their products.

The downside to that is my other blog currently has a Google rank of 2 and some of the advertisers wanted a higher Google page rank.

Okay, go ahead and say it… I’ve lost my mind. Two of my other income earning options are currently taking a nosedive (Demand Studios and Google AdSense), the price of gas is rising, food costs are soaring and it’s soon time to fill the oil tank. How can I turn down Mirrorquick, easy and legitimate money from a site as reputable as SponsoredReviews?

Test Number Two: The Mirror Test

The one good thing about turning them down is that when I pass by a mirror I could stand to look myself in the face rather than feeling like I sold out for a few dollars. There may be a fuzzy line when it comes to failing the blog post test, but failing the mirror test is not an option.

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