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Time to Put My Freelance Writing Foot Down

How many times have you had to have a talk with your family, spouse, or significant other, reasoning with them to allow you to work more? Sounds strange, right? Well, if you’re a freelance writer working from home, it’s not so strange.

Imagine my surprise this weekend when I had to sit down and have a chat with everyone in the family. The bottom line to my fireside chat was that I wanted/needed to be able to work more.

Checked Myself

I had to take a quick look in the mirror to see if it was really me telling my family to allow me to work more. For all the years I commuted to work and worked the 9-5 routine, I always tried to figure out how I could work fewer hours. You know, an additional vacation day here, a doctor’s appointment there. Now, here I am asking my family to pitch in so I can work more.

The Joy and the Necessity

Working from home is a joy and necessity. My request to be allowed to work is a win-win situation. I get to do what I love to do and I get to earn money from it (actually, don’t tell my family, but it’s my way of getting a bit of peace of mind).

My Guilt Created Monsters

Actually, I created my own situation. My working from home changed the family dynamics. Years of self-inflicted guilt for working out of the house caused me to be “Super Woman” when I started working from home. You know, the need to have the house clean, the meals prepared, dishes washed, clothes washed and folded, etc., etc. I soon realized that I wasn’t Super Woman material. As the writing demands increased, it seemed that the family demands also increased.

The kids and hubby enjoyed having me home and my household responsibilities kept growing. I began to overhear conversations like “Oh, yeah, my Mom will be home, she’ll drive us,” or, “Felicia’s home, why not let her handle it,” or, “She works from home, so she can take care of it.”

Time to Put Everybody in Check

Everyone in my household is old enough and mature enough to be able to pitch in with the household chores. My children are pre-teen and teen aged and my hubby, well; he’s old enough to have kids that are pre-teen and teen aged. Therefore, everyone in the household can and must help out to allow Super Woman to continue to do a super job at being a wife, mother and freelance writer.

Guilt Free Request

My request to my family is a guilt free request. There’s no anger or resentment. The fact of the matter is I’m a wife, mom and freelance writer. If the folks in my family know what’s good for them, they’ll allow me to be all three.

(I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had to give their family a similar fireside chat).

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