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Writing Around the School Bus

Yes that says ‘writing’ around the school bus and not ‘riding’ around in the school bus. My daughter’s morning school bus has put a serious cramp in my morning writing time.

School Bus Hiccups and Pick Ups

Since this is the second week of school I thought I was through the first week’s hiccups and headed for smooth sailing from here on in. After all, the problems with school buses occur during the first week of school and are ironed out by the second, right? Not the case.

Last week the bus showed up exactly on time. I was able to take Fido for his walk after which I would get to the business of writing. I was thrilled because the summer-to-school transition seemed to be going very smoothly. Better than I could have expected.

Second Week is the Charm

Well, this week, the bus driver must have realized that I was being too productive so she decided to skip my daughter’s bus stop. Not only did she skip the bus stop, she drove around the neighborhood as if to taunt us about the fact that she didn’t stop at my daughter’s bus station.

After walking back home to get the car and drive her to school, I wasted untold amounts of time attempting to get through to the school’s transportation department to understand why we were ignored. The true time waster was that my creative writing flow, flew.
A New Day

Okay, that being behind us, today I knew that I’d be able to get back to writing as usual. Guess again…not only did the bus not pick her up; the bus skipped the kids at the 3 or 4 bus stops before us. As a matter of fact, after ½ hour of waiting, I decided to play school bus and pick up as many students as I could to take them to school.

Always a Silver Lining

As much as I complain, I’m still very thankful. I didn’t have to burn a vacation day or use up a couple of hours of my personal time to ensure my daughter’s safe arrival to school.

Yes, the bus driver has encroached on my freelance writing time, but not to worry, I’ll have to snatch an hour or so after dinner to make up for my ‘chasing the school bus’ time. I can’t allow the school bus to make me lose focus of my goals. After all, the cash is in the writing, not chasing the bus.

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