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No More Smorty

I’m taking Smorty out of my Internet money-making arsenal. Before I get a lot of comments on how great Smorty is, realize that I’m taking it out of my arsenal. If it’s working for you, then by all means continue to use them.

My reasons for dropping Smorty

Here’s why it doesn’t work for me. Further to my earlier post about not quite getting the hang of claiming new assignments, just the other day I decided to sign into my Smorty account to see if anything had changed.

The only blog I have registered with Smorty is this one, No Job for Mom. I don’t know why I registered this one, because I don’t accept paid posts on this site. My other site, A Few Cool Products is where I accept payment for posting.

Anyway, when I signed into my Smorty account, I saw that I had 6 new opportunities. Getting a little excited I decided to take a look at them. Here’s what I found:

Yes, they were all opportunities for drugs and gambling. A perfect fit for No Job for Mom, right? Not! To top it off, they only pay $6.

Paid Spam

99% of the spam that I delete from my blogs is from drug and gambling companies. Why would I want to write posts for them?

Managing My Time

As a freelance writer, time is very important. If I don’t write, I don’t get paid. Rather than wasting my time periodically signing into Smorty to see if they have viable writing opportunities, I decided to drop them from my writing arsenal.

I’m sure I’ll replace them very shortly with another, better opportunity.

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