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September 1st: The Beginning of Writing Pre-Season

Time to wake up the muse and get the fingers into typing shape.

During the months of June, July and August, most of us relax a little (or a lot). The kids are out of school enjoying their summer break, many employees finally get a chance to take much-needed vacations and for many industries, summer months are slower than the rest of the year (of course, it depends on the industry). But by the time September rolls around vacations are over, kids are back in school and folks start getting back into the full swing of things.

I look at September 1st as the beginning of writing pre-season. It’s time to really gear up so that I can put my writing pedal to the metal. Businesses are preparing for the holiday season and in the online writing community, publishers are looking for seasonal content so they can cash in on the holiday shopping frenzy.

By working diligently through the months of September, October and halfway through November freelance writers can plant a lot of seeds that will begin to bear fruit right around the first of the year (the time when most people are making their New Year’s resolutions to get serious about their freelance writing career).

Looking at my numbers last year, the months of September, October and November were my most financially productive months. I spent a lot of time writing content for various sites. Some of the articles were time for dollar sites (where I got paid to produce an article), while others were residual income articles, where myMoney hard work started to pay off financially right around January 1st. Either way I look at it, now is the time to get busy.

Don’t let the writing pre-season pass you by this year. It’s not too late. Diligent effort during this pre-season time will put some cash in your pocket when January rolls around. I don’t know about you, but January email notifications of payments posted to my PayPal account are much more welcome than January notifications of credit card payments due.

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