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Could You Use a Virtual Assistant?

The Need for a Virtual Assistant

Anyone who works from home understands how crazy it gets keeping up with business appointments and home appointments. After all, being the family chauffer driving the kids to and fro plus keeping up with all the dentist, doctor, chiropractic appointments etc., on top of business deadlines, a person’s schedule can get a bit full and tough to keep up with.

I consider myself to be somewhat organized. I have a huge calendar on the refrigerator on which I put all of the household and family appointments. I then have another calendar posted on the wall in my workspace and it lists all of my writing deadlines; so between the two I try to keep up.

The Free Virtual Assistant Solution

Introducing Sandy the free virtual assistant. With Sandy, I don’t have to worry about keeping up with the two calendars. She does all that work for me. At the beginning of the day she sends me an e-mail with a digested form of what I have scheduled for the day. Then, throughout the day, she reminds me 15 minutes before each appointment that it is coming due (I scheduled the reminders at 15 minutes prior to the event).

All I have to do to initiate the process is send her an e-mail telling her what to do. If I need to be reminded of a football game that’s happening on Friday night at eight o’clock, I send Sandy an e-mail that says “Remind me of the football game Friday night at eight o’clock”. She responds with a confirmation and then 30 minutes before the game, she reminds me.

Sandy will send the reminders wherever you want her to reach you. She can send e-mail reminders or text messages to your mobile device of choice. To be honest with you, I still haven’t figured out all that Sandy can do but the fact that she can keep up with all my appointments and writing deadlines is a big plus.

Organize your Friends

Sandy can also remind your friends and colleagues. If you want someone else to receive a reminder you can set it so that Sandy sends the reminder both to you and whoever else needs to be reminded. I think Sandy is a big help even if you’re not a work at homer.

Not bad for a free virtual assistant.

Update: Sandy is no more.  The service is discontinued (bummer).

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