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Successful Blogging and the Mojo Factor

Yesterday I read a post on Problogger.net entitled, “Is Writing Great Content Enough to Build a Successful Blog?

Darren Rowse, the author of the post, very appropriately lists the “right” things to do in order to have a successful blog. After listing all of the right things to do, he then lists all of the “real” things to do. After all, doing everything right may not necessarily result in a successful blog.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that one of the “real” things to do or to have in order to have a successful blog is “Mojo”. You know, the Austin Powers, type of Mojo (Oh, behave baby…).

Back in the old days when I was growing up singers like James Brown, Ike & Tina Turner, and Wilson Pickett had Mojo and sang about it. Even before them there was Muddy Waters singing “Getting your Mojo Workin’” I know many of you are way too young to know these guys… but I digress.

The good thing about having Mojo as an ingredient in building a successful blog is that I’m in luck. I too have Mojo! I feed him, walk him, and take him to the vet annually. Yes, my dog’s name is Mojo.

After all of my complaining (because he’s really my daughter’s dog) and picking up poop, who would have thought that having Mojo was a major ingredient in my blog’s success!

Life is good!

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