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Remove Self-Limiting Blogging Expectations

The mere fact that I have a blog about working from home doesn’t make me an expert on the subject. There are some things I know, and a whole lot that I don’t know.

I’ve found that I started to impose an unrealistic level of expectation. I thought that I had to be an “expert” in certain fields in order to have a noteworthy blog. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Shoot from the hip

I find that when I attempt to target a certain audience of a certain experience level, I fall flat on my face. I’ve learned that there’s nothing too basic or complicated to blog about when it comes to working from home, because there are work at homers (and wanna be work at homers) at all different levels and stages.

I’ve learned from my readers, and I hope they’ve learned from me. If I tried to overestimate my level of experience, my readers would see right through me. Similarly, I can’t pretend that I know less than I know to talk down to my readers either.

The self-imposed, self-limiting, pre-set level of expectation created a type of writers block. Once I removed the restrictions, I became authentic and I found it so much easier to blog.

Why did I write this post?

Honestly, I wrote it for two reasons. The first is that it’s Monday and I had quite a few writing deadlines due today and I didn’t have time to finish researching what I really wanted to blog about. The second reason is to help struggling bloggers. If you’re struggling, maybe you’ve placed a few unrealistic expectations upon yourself that could be choking your creativity.

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  • Frank C August 19, 2008, 9:28 am

    I agree that being authentic and less restrictive will make it easier to blog, particularly in a flagship blog that isn’t necessarily tightly focused on a particular niche. I like being able to write about vintage collectibles one day, electronics products the next and Internet marketing the day after that. It makes it easier to come up with new material.

    While I do write tightly focused articles for my niche blog network, I only add content to them about every 8-12 weeks.

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