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Demand Studios Payment Change?

After a few months of writing for Demand Studios, last week was the first time that payment wasn’t deposited to my PayPal account at the end of the same week as the payment processing notification.

Although the email notification advises that payment will be made in the next 7 days, Demand Studios had set a standard whereby a Wednesday payment notification meant a Friday PayPal payment. Not sure of what’s going on I remembered Misha’s recent comment about a Demand Studios forming a yahoo group so I submitted a subscribe request.

Right now I’m waiting for subscription approval and Demand Studio payment. I wonder which will come through first.


I received payment today.  I don’t have an explanation as for the reason for the delay, but payment was received.

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  • MtgyWriter August 11, 2008, 9:37 am

    I’ve been submitting work to DS for several months now. My experience is that in spite of the seven day clause in the payment notification (which has been in place as long as I’ve been working with them), payment was always received by Friday evening. If they did decide to move away from this practice and follow the payment terms as outlined, some sort of heads up would have been nice. I can live with the seven day cycle, and was prepared to do so way back when. But DS set a precedent and I find it disturbing that they appear to be changing their routine without saying a word.

    Other problems have emerged lately. Several writers for DS have received editor notes that are less than helpful. One writer was basically told she did not know her subject matter – as it turns out, she has a background in the subject matter. Another writer received editor notes that were downright rude.

    I’ve also put in a request to join the Yahoo group. Before I spend any more time submitting work there, I want to get a better understanding of what others are experiencing – and I want to receive payment for the work they have already accepted.

  • Marie September 1, 2008, 5:07 am

    I have to agree with the previous commenter. Over the past few months, DS has changed a lot. Thankfully, this week they launched a blog forum. However, it is a “controlled” one where they have to approve postings. I believe this is done to keep all of the negative comments from being listed out. The truth is that they have a lot of editors who don’t know what they are doing and it is cutting back on the income for many writer’s drastically. Unfortunately, I am one of them. It makes me sorry that I began to rely on their money. So, if you join, don’t count on any kind of consistency for now.

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