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What do you want your blog to be famous for?

Do you ever stop to think about your blog’s legacy? As silly as it may sound, think about it for a minute. More than just a great way to make money, why do you blog?

The other day I was flipping through the channels (yes, when you work from home sometimes you catch a few more TV shows than you’d like to admit to), I saw Maria Shriver on Oprah. I happened to flip at the time when Maria Shriver asked the question, “What do you want to be famous for?”

A little soul searching

Maria Shriver’s question coupled with the very recent and unfortunate passing of a loved one brought the whole legacy and fame issue to the forefront of my mind. I won’t bore you with my personal epiphanies and revelations, but I do want to pose the question to you, on a much less personal note. What do you want your blog to be famous for?

Did you create a blog just for the sake of making money or did you create it because you are passionate about your topic? Did you create your blog to help others or to right a social wrong?

Why I created this blog

Personally, my reason for starting this blog is the realization of a dream that began a little over 17 years ago. Way back then, in the stone ages, before the internet was so commonplace, I wanted to find a way to make money from in a way that would enable me to stay home with my children.

I was able to make a little extra money from home using my typing skills, but not enough to replace the income I was making from my full-time job. My dream way back then was to come up with some type of business whereby parents could earn money from home and not have to worry about putting their children in childcare.

Not being the salesperson type, Tupperware, Avon and all of the “Home Party” type businesses just were not for me. I tried several projects, but they just didn’t seem to work out as I had hoped. Now, several years later, I get a chance to share information and lessons I’ve learned along the way to help other parents become successful in their quest to work from home.Parent and Child

No other option

Now that I’ve rendered myself unemployable, my money making source of choice is through self-employment, of which the Internet plays a major role.

Back to the original question…What do I want this blog to be famous for? I’d like it to be known as a down to earth blog that shoots from the hip to provide information, insight and encouragement for anyone looking for ways to earn money from home.

Only time will tell if I was successful in achieving that legacy.

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