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Dangers of Working from Home

Working from home is great! You have all of the obvious benefits of the short commute, relaxed dress code, impromptu vacation days and the list goes on. There is, however, one potential danger that comes with working from home (unless you master it), and that is the ever-present refrigerator, the tendency to work too much and exercise too little.

Potential Problem # 1 – Work Hours

When you work from home, you tend to blur the lines between work time and down time. I know that when I first started, it seemed like I worked all the time. I enjoy what I do and I also wanted it to become lucrative fast so I spent most of my waking hours at the computer.

Yes, I did manage to throw together a few meals for the family in between writing articles, formatting websites and making blog posts and searching for new opportunities. I also managed to wash a few loads of clothes, go to the grocery store, take the kids to the doctor and the dog to the vet, but the remainder of the time was work, work, work.

Potential Problem #2 – Lack of Exercise

Although my brain and my typing fingers were working overtime, that’s all the physical work that I did (wellRotound Rear of course there were the errands). As a result, after a few months of working at home I not only gained an appreciation of the work schedule, I also gained a rather rotund rear end.

It’s not that I changed my eating habits so much; I just changed my movement habits. All work and no exercise makes Felicia a rather round person. It’s not too noticeable because the work at home dress code allowed my mid section to expand because sweat pants are forgiving. It wasn’t until the first social outing where sweatpants were not an option that I rather sadly (and very emotionally) came to the conclusion that I needed to make a change.

Work Habits and Exercise Habits

I then realized, just as I had to develop the work ethic to continually write, find new opportunities and doggedly search for viable income streams, I had to apply the same determination to getting rid of the “work at home” bulge.

ExerciseI now apply my work at home work ethic to my workouts. The only problem is, I thoroughly enjoy working from home. The workouts…well that’s another matter.

It all comes down to…a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do. I want to be healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of my financial labor. How about you?

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