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Getting the most bang for your blogging buck

After I converted this website into a blog, I realized that I wanted more than just a blogging hobby. What I really want is a generous source of revenue from this No Job for Mom blog. To that end, I realized, as an owner of a new blog, how can I get the most bang for my blogging buck? After all, there are only 24 hours in the day so I have to use them wisely.

Looking at What Works

I decided it was worth it to take a few hours each day to see what successful and unsuccessful bloggers do. Everyone uses a variety of different tricks and techniques in an attempt to create a successful blog as evident in the Bloggers Face Off at dailyblogtips.com.

It’s worth taking a read. The bloggers Face off is a series of interviews with various successful bloggers. They talk about what they do and how they became successful at blogging. Some blogs have been around for quite some time while others are rather new. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all generating a nice stream of revenue.

Social Media, Social Networking and Backlinks

One blogger explained the pitfalls of searching for backlinks. Although they are valuable and are very helpful when it come to search engine placement, but spending inordinate amounts of time seeking them can cause you to lose focus. The bottom line is that no matter what social media or bookmarking site you use, there’s always an article or two that catches your attention for which you feel you must click and read it. Once you click on that article your drawn away to someplace else and 30 minutes later you not only didn’t achieve your goal of getting backlinks, you’ve spent unproductive time and have not added value to your blog.

Content, Content, Content

On his most successful blog, Alborz Fallah, founder of CarAdvice.com.au advised that he started out writing a minimum of two unique articles a day for his blog. Darren Rowse began his now very successful ProBlogger blog with no less than five posts a day of unique content.

Seeing that both of them make in excess of $10-$20000 per month from their blogs, it has become abundantly clear to me to follow their lead and spend my time writing unique quality content rather than getting lost in the social media back linking maze.

When you have good quality content people will find it and link to it. It may take a little time but it does happen.

My conclusion

Given on a certain number of hours per day to allocate to blogging, the predominance of that time, at least initially, should be creating quality and unique content. Quality content will give me the most bang for my blogging buck.

What about you?

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