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Can You Make Money Blogging for Smorty?

I recently applied to Smorty, another blog for money site. I was pleased to see that my blog was approved. Excited to be able to earn a few dollars blogging, I signed into my Smorty account to see how it worked.

I was pretty anxious to see the available products and services to blog about. Having already signed up for Pay Per Post, I was halfway expecting to see a list of opportunities from which I could choose a product or service to blog about.

When I logged onto my Smorty account I was surprised to find that there weren’t any opportunities. Total Zero. There was a note saying something to the effect that they will e-mail me when opportunities become available. Upon receiving the e-mail, I must log into my account and claim the available opportunity. The note further explained that new opportunities are generally claimed within three days so if I don’t log in and claim it immediately, I’m out of luck.

It took a couple of weeks before I received my first notification. The notification was for a product totally out of my blogging realm and not relating to any of my current blogs. So I decided not to take the opportunity.

I find it to be a kind of an odd procedure. I’ve not been able to earn money with this Smorty because I’ve not been able to secure any blogging opportunities. Maybe it’s just me but the jury is still out on the ability to make money with Smorty.

Has anyone been successful earning money with Smorty? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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  • Robby Hakim March 20, 2009, 7:59 pm

    smorty, i just got 6 dollar from this site. Btw from indonesia you can see indradiky.com he is successful earning money with Smorty. Thank you and best regards

    Robby Hakims last blog post..TIPS RAHASIA ZIDDU

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