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An Important Ingredient for a Successful Blog

Since making the decision to become a successful blogger, I’ve been checking out other successful bloggers. By successful, I mean they blog full time and their blogs provide the financial means for them to do it.

A few characteristics of successful bloggers

In each of the articles I’ve come across the two things I have in common with all of the bloggers is that I’m a human being and that I blog. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. The top successful bloggers all seem to be young and the majority of them are male. Upon further reading, most of them started their blogging empire before family, meaning that they didn’t have the daily responsibility of children.

After reading the above statistics I could take one of two paths. I can throw my hands up in the air and say, “I’ll never become successful.” Or, I can say, “Congrats to them, but now its time for me to grab my piece of the blogging pie.”

Guess which direction I’m going…

Tips on how to create a successful blog

There are tons of “How to” articles on the internet on how to become a successful blogger. Here are a few:

I could go on and on and list a full page worth of blogging tips, but I wont. Check out a few of them. SomePersonality have more tips than others, but they all pretty much recommend the same thing, unique content, regular posting, SEO, backlinks, etc., etc…

The one missing ingredient

If you will notice, all of the How To’s are missing one ingredient. They all seem to be missing Felicia Williams (insert your name here instead of mine). You see where I’m going?

You can follow all of the steps on how to have a successful blog but still fall flat on your face if you don’t add the missing ingredient of your own personality, your own flair, your own authenticity into the blog. It’s like learning a new dance step. You can learn the new steps, count them off in your mind so that you won’t miss a single beat, but if you don’t add your own personality to the dance, you will look like a stiff body counting off steps without really dancing.

DanceThe same goes with blogging. You can have the greatest information in the world but if you write it in a fashion that would make the Encyclopedia Britannica seem like a romance novel, you will loose your readers. Bring what makes you you to your blog. Let your personality shine through.

If humor is your bag, use it. If you’re known to be sarcastic, throw a little into your blog. If you’re a pompous know it all (and people like you), share it with your readers. That’s what will make the difference between someone reading your blog and someone reading a different blog a few clicks down the street.

In Moderation

Having said that, don’t create a diatribe all about you. Remember, your readers come to your site to gain information and to be able to apply it to their own lives. Don’t turn them off. Your blog should be a good blend between information and personality.

To wrap it up

The one thing that I have that the most successful bloggers don’t have is me. I have to bring my life’s experiences, my age, and my authenticity to my blog and I suggest you do the same with your blog.

One last word of advice: Not everybody will like you, so don’t try to please everyone.

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