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Is Social Networking Worth the Time?

Social networking sites can drive traffic to your blog if you know how to use them properly and develop a great network of followers. Unfortunately, the submission process takes time and there is no guarantee that you will generate a lot of traffic by submitting to certain sites.

I’ve always been amazed by the response, or lack thereof to certain articles. I recently submitted the same blog post to Digg, Reddit and Mixx. On the day I submitted the post, I received 1 or 2 hits from Digg, none from Mixx and over 1,000 hits from Reddit. Other times I submit to the same three and more with no visible results. Go figure.

The big picture

The one thing to keep in mind when submitting to social networking sites is that it’s more than just generating traffic. It’s about backlinks; Google indexing (I find that by submitting posts to social networking sites, they get indexed quicker) and there is always the potential to increase traffic.

Speeding up the process

I’ve stumbled across a social networking submission website called SocialMarker.com. Social Marker, a free service, streamlines the submission process by automatically taking you through 47 social networking sites to submit your links (you can select or de-select which sites you want to submit to).

In essence, you insert the bookmark details once, and then they take you through the sites. All you have to do is drag and drop the details into the appropriate sections of each site. I selected 15 sites and it took me about 15 minutes to submit to the group of them.

By using Social Marker, I found that I remained focused. In the past I would submit my articles to social networking sites and then spend untold amounts of time socially networking. Now when its time to submit links, that’s just what I do. I submit links. I save my social networking kibitzing for when I have time to kibitz, not when I should be working.

Is it worth it?

Even though I have yet to master the social networking scene, I think allocating a little time each day or each week for link submission is worth it. The more you advertise your links, the better the chances of increasing your traffic and backlinks.

Shameless Plug

While you’re investigating Social Marker, why not see how well it works by bookmarking this page?

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