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Earning Money as an Amazon.com Affiliate

Bloggers and webmasters alike can earn internet income as an Amazon affiliate. The up side is that Amazon is well known and a widely used website for shopping. As a blogger, you don’t have to spend time building affiliate credibility. That being said, you still have to do your work if you want to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon offers a variety of ways to integrate their products into your site or blog. Here’s a couple that I’ve used. There are much more to choose from:

In line text links:

If you prefer not to use Kontera or other in-line link companies, you can use Amazon’s links. What I like about Amazon’s in line context sensitive links is that you have greater control over how the links and pop ups appear on your blog/site.

I experimented with them for a little while. While I liked the way the in line text links appeared on the site, I wasn’t too crazy about the items Amazon chose to display in the pop up windows. Having a vast inventory of items to sell, I was surprised when my pop ups displayed books only. Don’t get me wrong, I love books. It’s just that if I’m looking to get rid of the mildew odor in my washing machine, I want an odor-removing product, not a book.

Promoting specific products.

With Amazon, you have the opportunity to feature specific products such as the Affiliate Millions book.

Or, you can open your own store and sell products directly from your site. Selling specific products comes in handy if you have a content rich site with topics that coincide with Amazon’s products (usually they have a product to fit all types of content).Money

Some folks have been very successful in setting up a full-blown Amazon store to sell products. I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t tried that method. I did create a small store as an ancillary part of my Tidbits site, but I never promoted the store. My results are a testimony to “You get out of it what you put into it.”

Search boxes and text search links

I don’t use the Amazon search box, but I have used the search links (that’s probably not the technical name for it). The search links are hypertext links on a word where upon clicking the link will bring the reader to search results on the topic of the linked text. I’ve found this to work particularly well on my Tidbits site.

You won’t get rich quick

I’ve found the commission percentage using Amazon is rather low. They have two options. The straight forward 4% earning scale or a sliding scale that increases to 8/5% the more products you sell. Personally, I never reached above the 6.5% commission level. However, just like any other affiliate program, you’ve got to have good traffic and appropriate content that helps to sell the product.

It’s free to join, why not give it a try.

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