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Is your WordPress Blog Phone Compatible?

If your WordPress blog isn’t phone compatible, then I strongly recommend that you mobilize it. Mobilizing a WordPress blog is easy to do and takes less than a half hour.

This whole mobilizing my blog thing started when I received an e-mail from a company called Mofuse.com. Mofuse.com is at a company that helps bloggers mobilize their blogs to become phone compatible. In other words, they aim to mobilize your blog so that the increasing number of phone surfers can access your blog.

I had never thought of or even considered the ramifications of not having my blog phone compatible. The whole mobilizing a blog was a brand-new idea for me. Being somewhat stretched a little thin with writing obligations, the thought of re-creating my blogs to make them phone compatible made me cringe. I wondered if it was worth it.

Taking a deep breadth, I clicked on the Mofuse.com link to find that all I had to do to mobilize my blog was to type in my blog’s URL and click the “Mobilize” button. By doing so, I was assigned a mobile URL of http://nojobformom.com.mofuse.modi.

I don’t know about you but typing all that in a tiny little phone using the barely existent keypad would be a bit cumbersome. Mofuse.com offered other features such as the ability to view your mobile statistics, place ads on the mobile version of your blog and a host of other features. However, not being an expert in mobile sites, I quickly became overwhelmed. Not to take away from Mofuse.com, I just wondered if there was an easier way.

I looked a little further and I came across yet another site called Wirenode.com. It too offered the same capabilities to mobilize the blog but it didn’t have all of the extra stats, perks bells and whistles that Mofuse had. I was still confused and now I had two URL’s that were difficult to remember and access from a tiny phone.

Not giving up in my search for an easier way to make my blog phone compatible, I stumbled across a jewel of a blog called WordPress Web 2.0 Spot- er. The owner of the blog Alex Sysoef has a very appropriate post called Mobilizing your Blog. In his post Alex explains how to quickly mobilize any WordPress blog to make it phone compatible.PDA

I followed his directions. All I had to do was download a WordPress plugin called WordPress mobile edition update it and activate it to mobilize my blog. It took less than a half hour (more like 15 minutes). Now, there’s no need to type in an outrageously long strange URL to access my blog via phone. If you have a phone, PDA or other mobile device, all you have to do is type in the URL as usual (www.nojobformom.com) and you’ll be able to view the blog from your mobile device. How cool is that.

If you have a WordPress blog and you want to mobilize it, check out Alex’s post. It’s a quick and painless way to mobilize. Now, only time will tell if mobilizing my blog brings additional traffic.

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  • Claudine July 17, 2008, 6:33 pm

    Very cool article! I am going to have to mobilize my blogs. I think that I have tried to view another blog with my phone and it didn’t work.

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