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Monetizing Your Site Using Kontera InLine Text Ads

Kontera is an in line text form of advertising (Kontera calls it in-text advertising). If you notice the brown double underlined text on this blog, those are Kontera ads.

What I like about Kontera is that pretty much any site qualifies and it’s extremely easy to install. Once you install it you can forget about it and collect income based on clicks.

Pros and Cons

There are a few pros and cons about inline text advertising that I’ve come across with Kontera.

  1. Earning potential – Compared to Google AdSense, the earning level is low, but it does help pay the mortgage. Their minimum payout, like Google is $100.
  2. Annoyance factor – I find the pop ups pretty annoying so I tend to leave my mouse to the side so as to not inadvertently invoke one of the pop ups. However, many of my readers on my other sites appear to utilize Kontera ads.
  3. Page load time – Some complain that in line text ads slows page load time. Generally, I don’t find that it slows down the page load time. I find the Google Analytics code slows the page load more than Kontera does. I guess it depends on the server and the coding on the web page.
  4. Nice to have when Google sandbags your site. Since Google gives and takes away, it’s always nice to have other sources of income.

Depends on the niche

I’ve found that Kontera does moderately well on my Blulow blog and on Tidbits and Stuff website, but not so well everywhere else. Using Kontera or any other source of advertising is a watch, tweak and watch again game. You’ve got to keep making changes. You’ll know you’ve got things right when the income increases as a result of a few modifications. Only you will know what works best for your sites.

Kontera isn’t the only in line text game in town. Many of them operate similar to Kontera, but have different qualification requirements. Here are a few in line text ad providers that I’ve come across but haven’t tried as yet:

Clicksor Requires 5,000 page views per day
Nixxie UK Based
Vibrant Media Minimum Requirement 500,000 page views per month

What Next

I’ve discussed monetizing with Chitika and Kontera, next I’ll share my experience with ShareAsale affiliates.

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