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Keep Looking – The Opportunities Are Out There

Part of the ability to earn money on the Internet is to replace something that doesn’t work with something that does. Time is money and you have to be as efficient as possible.

In addition to spending time marketing your product or service, you need to keep learning and reading in forums and gaining knowledge on how to do what you do in less time, spending less money and yielding better results.

Freelance writers also have to use that same methodology. You should allocate a little bit of time each day to finding a better, cheaper, quicker way to reach your goal. That’s what large companies do, why not you?

By spending time searching the internet and reading in forums, I found a better way to earn money just by switching companies. I was involved with a project for which I was paid one third less than doing the exact same thing for another company. By doing a little web surfing I increased my income by 33%! Not bad for a few mouse clicks.

As an independent contractor and a freelance writer you’ve got to go where the money is. So get over the feeling of guilt every time you find yourself loitering in forums or surfing the internet. Web surfing should be an item on your to do list and part of your daily work flow.

Set a daily time limit and get surfing. There are many legitimate opportunities waiting for you to discover them.

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