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Can You Really Make a Living by Blogging?

I came across a rather informative post on the Problogger blog. Darren Rowse, the blog’s owner gives his story on how he became a full-time professional blogger. I believe it’s a must read for anyone interested in becoming a successful blogger.

In the past I’ve always been a proponent of websites over blogs. I liked the fact that once you put a web page up, it was done. You might tweak it now and again because you see something you want to change, but pretty much it’s a done deal.Blog Sport

Blogging on the other hand, is a much more interactive sport. Successful blogs not only require new content on a fairly regular basis, it also requires moderation. In other words, you’ve got to prevent spam by moderating all comments from readers.

A while ago I wrote an article Blogs vs Websites, and I believe back then I was more in favor of websites. However, I think the tide is changing. I’m beginning to lean towards favoring blogs. Who knows the tide may change back the other way, but for now I’m beginning to appreciate the ability to post information that does not require much behind the scenes coding.

Additionally, blogs are usually up to date and fresh, where website information can become stale.

Darren Rowse’s post is inspirational not only from a blog vs website point of view, it is inspirational because he tells of his journey from making $1 per day blogging to earning enough money to blog on a full-time basis and support his family. It’s a must read for anyone who is serous about blogging and making money from blogging.

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