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Freelance Writing: Claim Your Piece of The Internet Pie

If you’re a freelance writer, isn’t it about time for you to claim your piece of the internet pie? The internet provides nearly unlimited sources of writing jobs, which is great for freelancers. The potential to earn money online is limited only by your own ability to do the work. With a little effort, focused concentration and time, any writer worth her salt can create a nice income earning money from internet writing.

Patience and a Plan

It does not happen overnight but it does happen. Part of becoming a well-paid freelance writer is looking for new writing assignments. Think about this for a minute. Instead of spending 100% of your time searching the internet looking for another freelance writing gig, why not spend 80% of the time looking for a gig and 20% of your time creating your own method for generating internet revenue.

That’s right, take a little time to create your own job. All it takes is an idea, the ability to write (which you already know), and some very basic HTML coding skills. Once you learn how to make images, text and tables appear on a web page, you’ve got all of the basic skills necessary to start making your mark (If you have a blog, you don’t really need to learn HTML).

Creating Your Site

After you spend a little time learning HTML basics, come up with a web site or blog concept that is of extreme interest to you. Either it’s something that you know how to do or something you want to learn how to do. As you learn it, write about it and post it to your site or blog.

Keep in mind that content is king when it comes to the internet. Attractive websites are nice, but if the content is poor, people will not come back. As a matter of fact, if the content is poor, readers might not find your site in the first place. Search engines like content rich sites, so an unattractive content rich site stands to generate more traffic and earn more money than an attractive site that says nothing.

As a freelance writer, you can build a website or a blog in your allotted 20% “you time,”  monetize it with well placed ads and watch as your readership and revenue begin to climb. You can conceivably claim your piece of the internet pie writing about something you love.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stick with it, it can prove to be creatively and financially rewarding.

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