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Learn HTML to Help Your Online Freelance Writing Career

If you are a freelance writer looking to become an entrepreneur and make substantial income from your home based internet business, you should add learning basic HTML coding to your arsenal of skills. Folks who know how to type have a leg up on the non-typists. Not because of skill, but because of speed.

HTML is so simple that even a child can teach you how its done. As a matter of fact, I have a basic HTML tutorial for kids on one of my websites. There are several in-depth tutorials sprinkled around the Internet in varying degrees of complexity.

Here are a few sites that I’ve used in the past that helped me in my home based internet business:

  1. HTML Goodies. I’ve used them a lot early on in my coding career. It’s great for the beginner.
  2. W3schools.com Includes basic and more advanced coding.
  3. HTML Code Tutorial: Here’s one that I haven’t used but it caught my eye because they have a forum which allows you to read posts from other newbies and experienced coders. More than likely any problem you’re having, they already had and will help you to resolve it (for more sites visit the Tools and Resources page).
  4. HTML for Beginners:  I’ve never used this one, but have been informed that it does pass the accessibility check for individuals with visual impairments (according to WAVE which stands for Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool).

Don’t get overwhelmed. Take it a little at a time and progress at your own pace. Once you understand the basics, the sky is the limit. In addition to your freelance writing skills, you can use your HTML skills to create websites for yourself or for friends. If you get really good (and you are so inclined), you can charge for your web creation talents. In my experience, it’s best to create your own website and sell a service, product or showcase your writing talents.

Here are a few uses for HTML:

  1. Freedom from special software. I have coded entire websites using Notepad. Part of the work at home experience is a sense of freedom. That freedom includes freedom from expensive unnecessary software.
  2. You can put together a website that will showcase your own writing talents and promote your home based internet business. I landed my first internet writing job because I had developed a simple, easy to navigate website to host my articles. It helped to jumpstart my online (and off line) freelance writing career.
  3. Knowing how to code can be the difference between someone staying on your website to finish reading your article verses being taken to another website without completing your article because of a miscoded link.

There are several software programs on the market that will create professional websites for you. Although the websites look professional to the naked eye, the HTML code is bloated. By bloated I mean that it contains a lot of extraneous code that serves to slow the page load time and may work against you when it comes to obtaining top search engine placement.

My advice to anyone who is serious about becoming an entrepreneur and creating wealth through a home based internet business, you need to have a good understanding of every aspect of your business and learning HTML is a good start. After all, if it were not for HTML, you wouldn’t be able to read this page.

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