Don’t Throw it Out – Earn Money With Your Recycled Articles

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If you want to earn money on the internet as a freelance writer, never throw away your old work. Recycle it. Even if an editor rejected your article because it wasn’t what the editor was looking for, don’t throw it away. There’s always a place on the internet for your work.

In the Beginning

Early on in my freelance writing career, I allowed myself to fall prey to some of the lower priced article writing assignments. I was brand new to earning money through the internet and I was so pleased that someone was willing to pay me five dollars for my 500-word article. The stipulation was that I write articles on the topic of insurance and submit them six at a time.

Having a background in insurance, that was easy to do. I diligently began writing about the appropriate topics. I spent time doing research to ensure each article’s accuracy. I double checked it for grammar and spelling errors, and reviewed them to make sure they were written for the insurance novice and not filled with insurance jargon. Once I was satisfied with each article, I submitted them for five dollars each.
I had no written agreement with my “employer.” It was agreed that I was to write original insurance content on the list of topics they provided. All articles were to be ghostwritten so I would not receive a by line or recognition for them. Never did either of us mention article ownership rights or copyrighting.

Curious to see where on the internet my articles landed, I did a search using copyscape (if you’re unfamiliar with copyscape, it is a service that writers/editors use to see if written work is original or plagiarized). Lo and behold, I found out that each of my articles was placed on with someone else’s name as the author (I have a sneaking suspicion that Ezine Articles would not approve of this practice).

The art of Recycling Articles

Not being bound by contract to abandon ownership of my work, I took those very same articles and recycled them. I modified them slightly and began a blog about insurance. Those very same articles are posted on my Insurance blog. I get comments, questions and requests for insurance help from my readers. I do my best to help them; however, if I don’t have the knowledge or can’t help them, I refer them to the appropriate resources that can help them.

I went through this entire explanation n to say that writing is never wasted. If you are looking to earn money writing on the internet, and someone rejects to your work, don’t worry…recycle. You can always find a place on the internet for your work.

Earn Money by Recycling

Create a blog and post your stuff there (you can set up a blog for free). Monetize the blog with appropriately placed ads or affiliate links and it will make money for you in the long run. If you find that it’s not earning money, it’s time for you to analyze your work. Check your keywords. Ask yourself: What are my keywords? What words will someone use to find my work? Is it interesting? Is it tightly focused?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of refocusing your article and adjusting your keywords. Give it time and you’ll see how minor modifications can make a big change.

Moral of the Story

Don’t let your articles go to waste. Someone out there wants to read what you have to say. If you truly want to earn money from the internet as a freelance writer, don’t throw out your work, recycle it.

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