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Work at Home Success: Are You Learnable?

One trait of successful on line business people is that they are teachable. Well, on the internet it is slightly different, you’ve got to be learnable. Can you read, comprehend, seek and learn new concepts? If you want to be successful with an at home on line business, you must become learnable.

The web is all about teaching old dogs (and new ones for that matter) new tricks. According to dictionary.com, teach means “to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in” and to learn means “to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience.”

If you’ve never done something before, it’s difficult to teach it because you’ve got nothing to impart. However, not being or having a teacher does not prevent you from learning. The internet is a great place to ‘acquire knowledge’ as long as you acquire the right knowledge from the right sources.

Here are a few tips for acquiring knowledge to help grow your on line business:

  1. Find reputable sources. Not all sources are worthy of learning from. Before you use a source as your basis for learning a new skill or on line business secret, make sure the source is qualified to be your teacher. Don’t take everything at face value. Spend some time finding information about your resources. Qualifying your source is more important that the information learned from the source. After all, learning 100% of the information offered from a bogus source does not add to your on line businesses bottom line. All you’ve done is wasted valuable time.
  2. Stay abreast of the latest information. No matter what line of business you decide to use as your means to financial freedom, you need to be aware of the latest developments. The internet is a moving target and you have to move along with it. If your on line business is based on the whims of your clients, you better keep your finger on their pulse to make sure you are addressing the current whim. Forums and reputable blogs are a great source for hands on up to date information. Be wary of books that were published a year ago as technology changes quickly.
  3. Find a mentor. A mentor can be anyone who has successfully done what you’re trying to do. The more mentors the better. There is more than one way to achieve financial freedom in your line of business, find several mentors and use the techniques that will work best for you.
  4. Give back. Once you’ve learned and have become successful, become a teacher. You don’t have to get a job at a University, you can teach by maintaining a blog or website of your successes. You can also offering quality advice in forums, the very same forums that you used to become the successful on line businessperson that you’ve become.
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