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Affiliate Marketing: Diversify Your Online Income

DiversifyIn order to be successful in earning income over the internet, you have to diversify. Diversification is not a new philosophy. In biblical times, King Solomon talked about diversification in Ecclesiastes verse 11:2-3 when he wrote “Give a serving to seven, and also to eight, For you do not know what evil will be on the earth.” In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Read a few autobiographies of successful wealthy people. Get a feeling for how they developed and sustained their wealth. I have a sneaking suspicion that diversification was a part of their wealth building plan. You, as an individual looking to earn substantial internet income, are no different. You should diversify. What may be profitable and running well today can disappear tomorrow (you do remember when the internet bubble popped).

While you are diversifying your internet income, keep one thing in mind: Do what you love to do and believe in the products/services you’re selling. There’s an underlying theme throughout this website: Do what you love and believe in and the money will follow.

Ever since I made the decision to leave the rat race for the work at home pace, I’ve been able to earn internet income (both passive and active income), through my websites/blogs and by writing articles for content websites. After doing a little research I realized that it was time for me to diversify. After all, if Google ever decided to shut down its ad revenue program (AdSense) I’d be out of luck.

Affiliate Marketing

I decided to venture out into affiliate marketing. I’m still new in this field so my advice is that of a beginner. More than likely I’ll be telling you the mistakes I’ve made (and therefore you should avoid them) rather than the successes. However, there are many successful affiliate marketers out there that offer tons of helpful information (such as Steve Weber with his AdSense Connection program).

So far I’ve had mild success with Amazon.com’s affiliate program. I have not actively marketed any of their products. I’ve placed a few links and product images on one of my websites. I made sure the links and the images were related to the article content so they would serve to complement the article not detract from it.

I found that my greatest affiliate marketing success is for a product that I have used personally. I have an article on my Tidbits and Stuff website Make Clothes Dryer More Efficient by Recycling the Heat. There’s a nifty little gadget called the Heat Keeper. Being the frugal individual that I am, I decided to give it a try so I purchased it (it costs a little over $6)

After I purchased and installed the Heat Keeper, I wrote about my experience. I shared my experience with my readers (through a link from the original article to my blog) and apparently it built a sense of credibility. As a result, my readers have been buying this little product. The commission is only .23 cents per sale, but it’s money nonetheless.

Affiliate Marketing Lesson Learned:

Be honest with your reader, develop trust and the product will sell itself. No need for a hard sell or flashing images.

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