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How a Home Based Business Changes the Family Dynamics

When you quit your job to pursue a home based business your family dynamics will change. The great thing is that you no longer have to get up early get dressed and go to work. The downside is, you no longer have to get up early, get dressed and go to work. You have a lot more time on your hands that, if used wisely, can be very profitable. The trick is learning to balance your time between your family and your new home-based business.


There are logistical changes also have to be taken into consideration. Because you are no longer traveling to a 9 to 5 (or should I say 8 to 5) job, the rest of the family members in the household tend to think of you as always available. This can become a source of frustration if it’s not addressed early on. Yes, you may be more available than you were when you were ‘working,’ but you still work, it’s just that you don’t have to travel to do so.

Everyone must be on board with the new dynamics. The kids must realize that just because you are home during the day, it is no excuse to constantly ‘forget’ books, supplies or lunch at home for you to bring to school. That little errand takes up valuable work time. They must understand that you are working at your new business and should respect it as much as they did your 9 to 5 job.

Friends and neighbors who realize that you are now working at home must schedule their visits around your workday. Dropping in daily for a cup of coffee is similar to spending time around the water cooler. The only difference is that the ‘coffee’ time takes away from your work at home paycheck. Standing around the water cooler on your employer’s time does not.

Find Your Groove

It takes a while to fall into the right ‘work at home groove.’ Give yourself time to figure it out. It will change in accordance with the demands of your new home-based business. Make sure that everyone is on board and understands how important it is to respect your work time and space. Not establishing the work rules in the beginning not only slows down your earning progress but will also create a stressful situation.

You may feel uncomfortable at first making such demands from your family, but once the money starts rolling in and your work from home business gains credibility, you and your family will find it easier to follow the rules.

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