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Time to Write

Reason for Writing

Whether I want to or not, I think it’s for me to get back to writing. It's no secret that my income has dropped significantly. My monthly income for the past few months have been hovering a little over the $1000 mark. I really can’t complain because it is residual income, but it’s a far [...]


I’ve Become a Lazy Writer

I started to write a blog post about Microsoft Security Essentials. Why? Well, as a writer using a PC I’ve got to do what it takes to protect the half written masterpieces on my computer. For years I renewed my annual McAfee subscription to keep the household computers protected. It wasn’t until a year or [...]



Over the past few days I noticed my Google earnings had dropped significantly. I couldn’t figure out why the drop, but I know the Internet is a fickle beast so I didn’t lose much sleep over it. Knowing that I can’t control Google, I continued on doing what I do, playing around behind the scenes [...]


Shout out to Crystal Clear Edits

I wanted to give a shout out to Crystal and her new website Crystal Clear Edits. Crystal is a valuable member of the NJFM community. She poses great questions, offers encouragement and provides information that has helped many of NJFM’s readers. She recently unveiled her new website Crystal Clear Edits. You see, Crystal has this [...]


Almost 5 Years of Online Writing

February 7th will mark my 5th year anniversary of quitting my part-time job in an attempt to earn money as an online writer. In those 5 years I’ve earned and learned quite a bit. The largest contributing factor to my online writing success was the decision to transition from up front to residual earnings. If [...]


The More Things Change…

...the more they stay the same. I’m having a full-circle moment. Many moons ago I created my online playground, Tidbits and Stuff. You guys know the story. It was a hand-coded site, then a WordPress site, then a Joomla site and now…I’m converting it back to a WordPress site. I expect the process to take [...]


The Slower, Less Traveled Road

When I look at my online writing career, I realize I could have earned a lot more money and reached my financial goals a lot faster. My slow, steady and maybe antiquated method for earning money isn’t the most popular route to travel. I started out on the more frequently traveled road. That road involved [...]


Sometimes I like to use NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software to write my posts, articles or even my e-books. I started using voice recognition software a few years ago and haven't quite mastered it yet. I decided to use it more so it could help me in my flurry of new writing activity. The version I'm [...]


High Tech Brain Storming Tools

I wanted to share with you some of the high-tech tools I use when I have a brainstorming session. Since I am taking a new direction in my online writing, I find that brainstorming is something that I do almost on a daily basis. Once my path is set, I’ll brainstorm less often, but there's [...]


Heading in a New Direction

When I originally created No Job for Mom I created it as a brain dump. I knew that it would be one central place where I can jot down things that I’ve learned and not have to worry about where to find it later. These next few posts will be what I consider brain dumps. [...]