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I recently received an email from a reader on the topic of networking and advertising. In essence, she wanted to know the best method for networking with other freelance writers and getting the word out about her new blog. I prefaced my response by saying that I’m probably not the best person to ask about [...]


Confessions of a Non Twitterer

I had resisted signing up for a Twitter account when I first heard about Twitter. I couldn’t see a reason for Twittering. Over time, I acquiesced and signed up. I checked out a few Twitter services and set up Tweet Later, automated my RSS feed through Twitter and maybe a couple of other things. I [...]


The Ornithology of Twitter

Do you ever notice that no matter how many Twitter accounts you read, follow or even remove from your following that the tweets and tweeters generally fall into one of several ornithological groups?

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Tweet Later with Tweet Later

I started playing around with a service called Tweet Later. Tweet later is a cool service that I use to compliment my Twitter account. I'm still new to the Twitter world and am experimenting, but I've found Tweet Later to be a helpful and useful utility. Post Dated/Timed Tweets With tweet later I can post [...]


Hitting the Wall – TwitWall

It's amazing. There seems to be a whole other world going on behind my computer screen and I chose not to be a part of it. Well, two days ago I stepped into that world and my life hasn't been the same. I'm talking about the world of Twitter. Twitter World Check out my past [...]


What’s the Twitter about Twitter?

I've come across the mention of Twitter on several blogs. Several well-respected blogs, I might add. I haven't joined and am wondering what the fascination with it is. Yesterday was the first time that I even "used" Twitter. Well, I didn't really use it, I followed Bukisa's Twitter link because it had the most updated [...]