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Self Employed

Smelling the Roses

I think I need to take a little time to smell the roses.  Over the past four years I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing on line.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time wasting my time online too.  It just seems that I always have a computer attached to the end of my [...]


A Shout Out to Christina at Cash Campfire

Check out this clever post by Christina over at Cash Campfire. Christina managed to pull off interviews at the busiest time of the year, compile them in an extensive post and display it brilliantly on her blog. Christina, my hat is off to you.  Great job and I believe it will pay off handsomely for [...]


Time to Join the Double O Club

I feel that I’ve been playing around with this freelance writing stuff long enough. No matter how my residual income fluctuates, I’ve decided to enter and remain in the Double O Club. The Double O Club means that I can calculate my minimum daily income by tacking two zeros on the back of the date. [...]


I’m a Writer Not a Journalist

Every once in a while  I allow myself to roam around the internet reading other writing sites or forums. Without fail, I’ll come across a few posts or forum threads that are less than flattering to online writers. Often times the comments are from folks who have extensive experience writing in off line publications and [...]


A Few Things I Learned about Writing for the Web

From time to time I get the opportunity to help out a few newbies by reviewing an article or two and offering advice. I preface this by saying that I’m no expert when it comes to writing on the web. It’s just that I’ve been around the block a time or two so I get [...]


A Rather Humbling Experience

Words of warning…don’t take writing advice from me! The other day I came across the Newsroom 101 website.  It’s a site that will put your grammatical and writing skills to the test.  They have thousands of free exercises, tutorials and general helpful information for anyone looking to make a living as a writer, especially journalistic [...]


Welcome to the Buffet

On occasion I like to cook a lot. When I do cook a large quantity of food, I pull out the heating dishes, arrange the food buffet style and invite my guest to partake. In addition to the food I provide the necessary plates, spoons forks, dishes, napkins, cups and beverage. My guests are free [...]


Oh No She Didn’t!!!

Let me calm down for a minute before I complete this post…. Okay, I’m calm. Yesterday a young college student looking to earn money for a scholarship came to my house asking if we would sign up for a magazine subscription. The credit for the magazine would help her score points for her scholarship. Having [...]


Sometimes There’s Not Much to Say

I realized that I haven’t posted here for about a week or so. This post is to touch base with you guys to let you know I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. It seems that real life has been getting between me and my keyboard. Careful What You Wish (Plan) For Many [...]


Oh the Poor Naked Cat

I’m going to have to come up with another phrase instead of my usual “There’s more than one way of skinning a cat.” I’m sure PETA probably has me in their cross hairs by now. Anyway, I wrote this post because I read Robin’s comment on her Linked In group  Freelance Writers Working for Content [...]