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Wait and See

Ready, Aim…Shoot Self in the Foot!

From time to time I experiment with different plugins to enhance my blog’s functionality (functionality…such a tech writing word).  Anyway, I use a plugin that is supposed to help detect hack attacks. After having a couple of my blogs hacked some time ago, I’m a bit sensitive to hacking. The plugin I use is called […]

Sneak Peek at Tidbits

The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same. I’m having a full-circle moment. Many moons ago I created my online playground, Tidbits and Stuff. You guys know the story. It was a hand-coded site, then a WordPress site, then a Joomla site and now…I’m converting it back to a WordPress site. I expect the process to take […]

DataFeedr Random Ad Plugin

Another Cool Plugin – DataFeedr Random Ad

One of the things I love about WordPress is if you can imagine it, you can have it. A couple of days ago Kristine’s comment got me to thinking. Her comment was in response to my post about the 3% increase in revenue as a result of making a few changes to my Google AdSense […]


Maximizing My Blogs

As part of tidying up my first online writing phase and transitioning into my second phase, I have to clean up many of my blogs. In addition to consolidating my online properties, I need to clean and maximize the properties I have remaining. First let me say there is no scientific way to go about […]

Too Much Coffee

Something Different this Morning

I know, my last post mentioned that this post would be about maximizing blogs, but I got side tracked (this happens when I have too much coffee). I decided to try something a little different this morning. (I was pacing a little too much when I recorded this because I periodically walked out of range)

Old Technology

Blog Consolidation Process

As I mentioned before, these next few posts are brain dumps for me. I decided to consolidate all but 7 of my blogs. My goal is to complete the consolidation process in 30 days. The process goes something like this: Copy the post from the old blog Paste it into the new blog Copy and […]

Lipstick on a Pig

Lipstick on a Pig

Most of us start new sites/blogs because we have a passion for the subject matter. Well, let me re-phrase that. There are some sites we create because we’re passionate about the topic and other sites we create for the money. If the moneymaking sites don’t make money, I recommend getting rid of them because unless […]

Getting Used to Google’s New Interface

Getting Used to Google’s New Interface

Since receiving the e-mail from Google in which they advise that the old AdSense interface will soon be disabled  and the new one enhanced, I realized it was time for me to start getting warm and fuzzy with the new one. As I clicked around the new interface I found that I had a few […]

When is a Blog Really a Dud?

When is a Blog Really a Dud?

My last post made me ask myself (and answer) the question of what to do with dud sites.  First, before I tell you what I do with a site that I consider a dud, I need to define a dud.  Keep in mind that this post is purely subjective and I strongly suggest that you […]

80-20 Blackboard

The Pareto Principle is Alive and Well

Since we were in the house this weekend due to hurricane Irene, I got a chance to run a few numbers. Actually, running is the wrong word to use. I slowly and carefully raised my exhausted index finger to left mouse click on the Excel spreadsheet to quietly examine my numbers. You see, I needed […]


How Many Bloggers Do You Know?

In your offline world, how many bloggers do you know? This question popped into my mind the other day as I was running. I set up my first site in 1999 (as pitiful as it looked) and didn’t get started blogging until 2008. When I earned my first 63 cents back in 2006, I didn’t […]

500 Dollar Bill

4 ½ Years and 500 Posts to Achieve One Goal

It took 4 ½ years (I left my last part-time job on February 9, 2007 and today is August 4, 2011) and 500 posts later for me to reach one of my goals. Shortly after taking on line writing seriously one of my early dreams was to become self sufficient. In other words I wanted […]


How Do You Drive Traffic?

I thought I’d write this post because every so often I receive comments about driving traffic to a blog or site. I’m not so crazy about the term driving traffic, because when you’re stuck in traffic, the only vehicle you can control is your own. On the internet super highway, your blog is your vehicle […]


Another Plugin to Add to the List

As an addendum to My Favorite WordPress Plugins list, I just came across one called WP-CopyProtect. The purpose of this plugin is to make it harder for plagiarists to copy and paste your content. While on the topic of plagiarism, if you have your blog’s RSS feed set to “Full Text” I would suggest that […]


My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I spend so much time setting up new WordPress sites that I thought I might share some of my favorite plugins. For me, browsing for WordPress plugins is much better than going shopping. It doesn’t cost a dime and you can improve your site’s functionality if you choose the right ones. Here are some that […]