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Make Money Blogging with Pay Per Post

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Pay Per Post is one of the many ways in which bloggers can earn money with their blogs. One attractive feature that Pay Per Post has is that it offers several ways for a blogger to earn.

Option I

Bloggers have the option to accept an offer from a Pay Per Post advertiser to submit a blog entry based upon the advertiser's criteria. Once approved, the blogger receives payment in amount agreed upon. Page not found - No Job for Mom : No Job for Mom

Option II

If option number one doesn't sound like your cup of tea, Pay Per Post offers the opportunity for you, as a blogger, to negotiate directly with an advertiser. This option is called Pay Per Post Direct.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you would have to insert code on your blog. Once installed, the code will display a little widget, which lets advertisers know that you are open for paid blogging. Advertisers will then contact you directly and begin the blog/price negotiation process.

Use care when selecting this option. If your blog's readers come to your blog because of its authenticity, you may run the risk of letting your readers down if they know that your objectivity is tainted because you are being paid to follow an advertisers criterion. If your readers become disillusioned your blog's traffic might suffer as a result.

If, however, your readers understand that you offer information about products and services and are not bothered by your being paid for your blog posts, then by all means take advantage of this option.

Option III

If options one and two aren't your bailiwick, Pay Per Post offers yet a third option. You can become a Pay Per Post affiliate. This seems to be the least painful of all options. All you need is you put a bit of code that will result in an image on your website or your blog letting your readers know that the Pay Per Post opportunity exists and that they could sign up and begin earning money to blog.

Some people choose all three options or pick and choose one or two of them. Folks are earning money with Pay Per Post.

Page Rank Matters

Pay Per Post Advertisers prefer blogs with a page rank of at least 3. If your blog has a low page rank you won't be able to participate in as many offers as a blog with a higher ranking.

Requirements for Blog Approval

In order to be able to make money using Option I, your blog must be currently active. Pay Per Post checks to see if your blog has at least 10 entries within the past 30 days. If not, then you'll have to utilize Option II. Once your blog achieves the status of 10 blog entries within a 30-day period of time, you can then resubmit it for approval in order to use Option I.

Test it With Me

I decided to put myself to the test. Why not join me. I'm going to show you how you can make money with Pay Per Post. I've decided to Put My Mony Where my Mouth Is. Why not join me and follow my progress as I report my results in the No Job for Mom Blog. Page not found - No Job for Mom : No Job for Mom

Last Modified: 18 May 2008

Page not found - No Job for Mom : No Job for Mom

Page not found - No Job for Mom : No Job for Mom

Page not found - No Job for Mom : No Job for Mom